Modifications to my TJ

Knowing my TJ in standard trim would never satisfy my requirements, I set about a project of modifications that I doubt will ever be finished.

But listed below are the modifications that have occurred to date. (Note this does NOT include the repairs).......  


4" Suspension Lift

Coils - Originally I lifted 2", but with the extra weight this became 1"........ I wanted & needed more. So a custom/hybrid 4 lift was the solution. The 4" higher coils are custom made locally, then there's 1.75" coil spacers in the front to compensate for the bumper & winch. 

Arms - Rubicon Express long arms (both lower & rear upper), Rusty's adjustable control arms (Front upper). The long arms give an incredible improvement to on-road handling, also have several geometric benefits off-road.

Shockies - Initially I had Rancho RS500's, but these were too short for my lift so now I've moved to Old Man Emu (OME) long travel shockies(N66/7L). I've clearanced the rear lower coil buckets to prevent them impacting against the shcockies and damaging the shockies. I am again finding the shockies too short so I will shortly be looking for new longer shockies to use. I also currently employ a Rancho RS5000 steering stabiliser.

Other - Teraflex Gen II sway bar quick disconnects for the front and custom made rear sway bar links.

2" Body Lift

From Performance Accessories. If I had my time over I'd probably opt for just a 1". 

I also have a 1" Snake Racing Motor Mount lift.

4.56 Diff Ratios

Just to bring the performance back to stock allowing for the 35" tyres the 4.56 ratios are a perfect match. And the Stock 3.07 was a JOKE.
LockRight - Front  WOW real traction improvement. Highly recommended. Although I did need to source a new front carrier when I moved to 4.56 ratios - I got one from a ZJ. Yes completely invisible on-road.
ARB Locker - Rear The factory TrashLok was ok, but just didn't really cut it compared to a real locker. Plus I got the onboard Air compressor with the ARB.
Hardtop Factory Soft-top with the mandatory non functioning zippers. Also now have a Factory hardtop to keep the missus nice & warm in winter.
6" Flares Xenon. They seems to be holding up to the abuse quite well so far. Purchased from OnAll4 Equipment in Sydney.
ARB Front Bumper Purchased from Traction4 in Sydney. Has winch mount & 2 recovery rings built in. Improves approach angle. It has been custom modified to accept a high mount winch, Also extensive grinder trimming allows room for the larger tyres & improved approach angle. Extra light tabs welded on.
Rear bumper Custom made by SMI Fabrications from 3/8" powder coated steel. Includes 2" square hitch & 2 rated tow eyes. Improves departure angle. The top is covered by 3 mm alloy tread plate. It was specially made to cover the 2" gap from the body lift.
Warn M8274 winch The high mount winch I got from the trading post for a ripper $750! This has a fast spool speed and is ultra tough - plus when I get extra $$$ I will upgrade to a 4.6hp motor. The solenoids are mounted under the bonnet to keep it away from water & crud.

Advance Adaptors Heavy duty Slip York Eliminator (SYE)- This shaft replaces the stock transfer case rear output shaft (I'd already broken one). It's rated at 50% stronger than stock and allows for nearly 50% longer rear driveshaft. All of this also means that the transfer case no longer needs to be lowered to counter driveline vibrations. Purchased for Rusty's Offroad in USA.

Custom Driveshafts - With the AA SYE I needed to replace the stock driveshaft. Worse my front driveshaft CV joint died - so custom shafts were made by Metropolitan Driveshafts Sydney. These were also tailored to suit the lift. Both shafts have uni-joints at each end, I figure these are easier & cheaper to replace when they wear out than the CV style.


15x8 Beadlocked Rims (Off-road) - Black American Racing AR767 beadlocked. Awesome for running very low pressures without risking losing the tyre bead.

15x8 Rims (On-Road) - American Racing AR767. These steel rims are perfect for running street rubber.


36x12.5 TSL (Off-road) - TSL bias ply Super Swampers for Off-road duties. I love these tyres and would run them ALL the time except they are expensive & wear too quickly.....Next up I'm thinking 38x12.5 TSL's.

35x12.5 M/T's (On-Road) - Pro Comp Mud Terrain's - so far very happy with them. They work well on road and light trail duties, but I do worry about the side walls at very low pressure.

Skid Protection

Rubicon Express Long Arm Belly Skid Plate - Made from 8mm steel it's a solid bit of kit. Also it lifted the stock t/case clearance by 30mm.

Snake Racing front diff guard - actually I won it in an Offroad pics comp - Cool huh :-) Very solid and has taken a few solid hits.

Snake Racing Steering Box Skid Plate - take s a solid hit rather than smacking the steering box itself.

Upgraded lights 55/60w H4 Xenon discharge inserts for stock lights extremely clear light. 

100w Light Force RMDL170 driving lights these will light up 700m of bitumen.

100w cheapo driving lights for rock lights for good vision when night driving . 

Plus a 60w rear mounted work light (it hangs off my Kaymar Hi-Lift mount).

Battery Optima yellow top - Deep cycle loads of grunt in this sucker. and doesn't complaint if I let it sit for weeks on end unused.
Rocker Guards Custom 5 mm Diamond plate on rocker panels to protect from dents, rocks & clumsy passengers climbing aboard.
AM CB radio Uniden 520XL & Mobile1 antenna (Australian Made).
UHF CB radios

Uniden  & Mobile1 antenna (Australian Made).

Uniden UH042 handheld UHF CB plus voice activated headset.

Recovery Gear HiLift jack (& Kaymar mount), snatch straps, drag chains, winch extension, tow rope, various shackles, shovel, axe, tree protector, snatch blocks & FIRST AID KIT !!
Removed OEM Clutch interlock defeat,  door sensor rear seat, carpets & factory decals (except Jeep)


Future modifications

My short to medium term plans are:
Snorkel, Side Steps, Warn freewheeling hubs, Cargo Barrier, TPS & Alternator mud shields, raised Fuel Tank, Dual Batteries, Custom swing-away tyre carrier, new headers & exhaust system, 6point roll cage, York engine driven compressor 7 tank, long range fuel tanks….. Plus whatever small additions the budget committee (youknowwho) allows :-)

My long term plans are (after I win Lottery):
Chevy 350 LS1 engine, NV4500, Atlas II, High Pinion Dana60's front & rear, onboard shower, GPS & onboard welder, HF radio, Fridge, Recaro sport seats ....ahhh heck this list is so long that I couldn't be bothered to type it.

As I get more time, & things completed, I will upgrade this page. Anyway if you have any questions or comments I'd be happy to hear from you. Just email me.....

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