Willys Wagon Restoration 

Update  3/6/2003
The chassis is out and booked into a local smash repairers to get slightly tweaked & straightened. Otherwise not much to report as the CJ5 project is taking priority.

Body Heaps of rust!!
I need to cut large sections from the floor pan.
I will need to replace/rebuild the body mount locations.
Lots of welding in my near future.....
Body -Other Removed hood, grill, guards & tail gate. All are in various stages of rust removal.
Bumpers It has the original classic chrome numbers. I'll be tidying them up as much as possible & re-using
Diff - Front None - I'm currently looking for a good donor diff.
Diff - Rear It's an old dana44 with a ratio that is really to low and running tiny 19 spline shafts. I'll probably remove it and also add in a new donor axle.
Electrical There wasn't much left of the original electrical system, and what remained was a mess - so I simply ripped it all out.
Initially I was planning to purchase a complete wiring loom - but have since been convinced to create a full custom loom myself......Should be fun....
Engine Again still looking for a suitable donor. Considering a nice Mopar 360 :-)
Frame I had to cut all body mounts & then lifted the body tub, to allow the chassis to be rolled out.
I have cut all rust sections out and welded in new sections where required. Have treated the frame with rust converter (it was mainly surface rust) and fish oil - 2 coats of each
Next I'll be putting fresh paint on the frame.
Gearbox I have a TJ Auto Gearbox in the garage earmarked for the wagon.
Transfer Case I have a TJ NP231 Transfer case also in the garage earmarked for the wagon.
Interior Removed much the interior -
I have a full set of 1998 Hyundai seats & seat belts
I will be making custom interior panels
Rims These poor old steel things are so rusty that they will not be retained in the final restored set-up. I'll be looking for a new set of rims.
T/case I need a transfer case.
Tyres Planning to use the 31x10.5 A/T that I used to have on my TJ.

Since this rig will become mainly my wife's rig the modifications will be fairly low key. The main reason I am under taking the project is because the wagon is so rare in Aust (I have found 6 so far). Unfortunately because of the bad starting condition of the rig and how scare the original parts are I will be forced to make some compromises in not re-using original Willy gear....But where possible I will.

The project continues......

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