History of our XJ

After 2 years faithful daily driving service from our 1991 model Mazda 323 Astina, we began looking for a suitable vehicle to upgrade to. Functionality & practicality was paramount, and since we already had 3 Jeeps (in various stages of disrepair) there was no way a Toyota Prado would be parked in our driveway.

We’d joked with a mate about buying his XJ Cherokee, when finally Mei Mei decided she would like a white XJ. In my research I’d determined that I wanted a 97 or newer since they have a new dashboard layout, and full windows for the front doors (instead of the part fixed windows in the earlier models). So once we decided we started shopping.

Saturday 12th July 2003 we found our XJ…..1998 model (97build) XJ Sport with a low 65,000km. The colour being “Amethyst” is a bluey purple…..nearly white ;-)

 The story begins…….

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