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Woodham High School Website

Welcome to the Pensacola, FL W.J. Woodham High School Class of 1995 reunion website. The goal of this site is to reunite the Alumni of our class without everybody paying for a subscription to one of those other sites available.

www.woodhamhigh95.net is the new website. It's not complete yet so I am leaving both sites up for the time being.

Sorry about the slow updates. I've been a little lazy!

Class of 1995!  Can you believe it's been 10 years.  The reunion is in the works and the invitations are in the mail.  If you do not receive an invitation in the next week, please contact us at erinhirsh@hotmail.com or STalbert2176@aol.com

Friday night, June 17th, we are having a meet-and-greet at Seville Quarter from 6-9 p.m. in "Lili Marlene's." 

Saturday, June 18th is the dinner/dance at the UWF Conference Center from 6-10 p.m.  There will be a great buffet dinner, a DJ for dancing and a cash bar.  The cost will be $50 per person.  This is very reasonable since the cost includes:  renting the room at Seville, decorations, renting the conference center, catering, DJ, more decorations, invitations, postage, keeping the checking account alive, a photographer, etc.  Please bear with us here.  We've put a lot of time and effort into planning this reunion and making sure it will be a memorable event.  Everything spent thus far has come from our pockets!  It should be a great weekend to hit the beach and get together with old friends.  Keep checking the website for further details and directions to the venues.  If anyone is interested in helping out with last minute decorations and errands, please let us know.  Looking forward to seeing everyone in June.

Urgent!!!!!!!!!! Erin Hirsh needs everyone to email their updated contact info to her. If you know anyone that has not been to the website encourage them to check it out and register.

Important! There have been problems with the registration forms submitting improperly. If you submit your information through the registration and it is not posted within 24-48 hours email your info to woodhamhigh95@yahoo.com.

My wife is having an Open House on her web site, Everyone check it out: www.marykay.com/hbwhittington

Hopefully everybody is doing well. We have lost a couple of our fellow classmates, and you can view their memorials from the Memory page. It's still a work in progress. So far we have over 45 Alumni registered. Everybody is doing a great job getting the word out! Let's keep it up!

If anyone has pics from our school days they would like posted on the site email them to Charles Whittington.

More to come!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charles Whittington is the current admin of this Web site. Hopefully we will have a decent server to sit this site on instead of Geocities. Once that happens everybody will be able to make changes to their own profile. If you want to make a donation through PayPal for web hosting click on the button below.

Keep posted for future info!!
Even if you are not sure you can attend the reunion
please send us your contact info!

Register here or click on the link on the Alumni page!


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