Welcome to HavenWood Farms.  Come take a trip with us as we show you around the place.  We have included everything we thought you would like to see, our farm, our animals and us.  We were  located in Ontario, Canada.  In the Mineral Capital of Canada known as Bancroft.  Heard of it?  No we didn't think so!  It is just north of Peterborough, and south of the well known Algonguin Provincial Park.  I no longer live on this hobby farm and my girls are all grown up but it will always be  a huge part of us all!
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The Farm!
Photo Album!
Kids Graduation!
Kelly and Robs Wedding
Hailey and Julie's Album
Through The Years!
My Daughter Tracy's Art
Click pic & read amazing Editorials - Gordon Sinclair!!
Our Trips:       Ground Zero

Our Wedding
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