For my family, there is a reason we cling to the words -- "Woodland Echoes". Our family moved to this farm in 1962, and I have been a resident of this property since that time. Photos of this farm (in black and white) make up the background graphics for my dedication page.

The property was named "Woodland Echoes" in honor of my mother. My mother was a pianist/organist, and the five of us grew up hearing her family's rendition of a wonderful song entitled Woodland Echoes. It made us cry a tear of happiness or sorrow hearing it while she was alive, and of course, has even more meaning since her passing. As we have each tried to deal with my mothers death, we have developed our own way to pay tribute to her.

The ensuing pages have been produced to help me deal with her death, appreciate her life, and keep alive the memories she helped create. I hope that while visiting, you will find within you sweet memories that are brought out from someone who has touched your own life. *smile* .. Enjoy!!!

Oh .. If you'd like to hear my mothers music .. *smile*
Woodland Echoes

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