Woodland Park Shelter

During selective breeding, there are always some catz and dogz that don't meet the standards and are of no use for the creation of the breed--especially in earlier generations. These petz are just as wonderful as the others and may be excellent candidates for a new breeding project or great for showing.

All these petz are kittenz/puppyz that were, for one reason or another, rejected from a breeding project. They have ABSOLUTELY no hexing in their histories, are not spayed/neutered, and are downloadable. Simply unzip into your Petz 3/Petz 4 Adopted Petz folder. You'll have to name them, because they only have numbers now. Please take good care of these dogz/catz and don't put them in any other adoption centers. They will always be here.

Male Catz(42)
Female Catz(49)
Male Dogz(51)
Female Dogz(49)

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