1. Talk to your partner first. Do not spin the wheels of your opponents before first getting your team together. Make sure your partner will have reasonable time  available to play over the next 7 days. Remind him that once you issue the challenge, you can expect the challengee to get back within 36 hours with two dates over the next 7 and that you will have 24 hours to select one of those two dates.

2. Select a team
to challenge. New teams are allowed to either "challenge-in" or request a "benchmark" position from the Ladder Director.

3. If you decide to "challenge-in", you  should select a team that you would have a good chance to beat. Remember, if you lose you will not be placed on the ladder, and you will be prevented from issuing another challenge for 7 days. Do not hesitate to ask advice from the Ladder Director.

4. Do not create  a "nuisance match
" - a challenge you issue to a team, fully realizing that your probability of winning is nil. These "nuisance" challenges go against the spirit of the ladder, and even good tennis.

5. If you are already on the ladder, select a team within four rungs of your position.
Or, after thoughtful consideration, you may decide to use your one free challenge per year, in which case you are allowed to challenge any team on the ladder. Again, refrain from creating a  "nuisance match".

6. Cal
l a member of the team you want to challenge. Give the person:
      a. Your names.

       b. Type of Challenge: "challenge-in", "free challenge" or "within four rungs".

7. To make this process move quicker, you may want to give your opponents the days you will be available, however, your opponents need not heed your request.
Remember, you are the challenging team so you must meet their availability.

8. Negotiate a time when you can expect a return call
. Urge them to call you back within minutes if his/her partner is immediately available; 36 hours is the max before an automatic default.

9. The challenged team should get back to you with two dates and times
, both within the next seven days. The dates should be weekdays, between 5PM to 8PM, or weekends, all day. Once your opponents get back to you, get back with your partner to select one of the two dates.

10. After selecting one of the dates, call your opponent with your decision. If you do not call back within 24 hours, or if you cannot meet either one of the two dates, you must default
. Further negotiation of any new dates will be at the discretion of your opponents since the rules state that a team need to defend its position only once during the 7 day period - Thursday thru Friday.
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