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LADDER RULES Revised: 4/30/02

1. A player/team on the ladder issues a challenge to another player/team above him/them on the ladder. If the challenger wins, he/they move directly ahead of the player/team challenged; if the challenger loses, both  players/teams will remain where they were. When players/teams new to the ladder lose their first challenge match, they will not be placed on the ladder, and they will be prevented from challenging for 7 calendar days. Day1=1st day after loss.

2. Each person (team) is allowed one 'free' challenge each season. This free challenge allows you to challenge anyone, anywhere on the ladder. Otherwise, challenges should be issued to players (teams) no more than 3 positions above for singles and 4 positions above for doubles. In the doubles ladder, do not count teams above you that include you or your partner.

3. The player/team issuing the challenge must bring a new can of balls to the match. Matches are the best 2 out of 3 sets with 12 point tie-breakers. Shortened matches can be played but must be agreed upon by all players. Defaults and other interplayer problems must be settled individually by the players involved.

4. The winner of the match ONLY should give the results to the Ladder director, Al Damiani, NAMES of both players/teams EXACTLY as they appear on the ladder, the DATE of the match and the set SCORES. When reporting results involving person/team new to the ladder, be sure to include the new players’ name, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.

E-mail results to the Ladder Director with cc:to all Wood Park Ladder participants.

5. To issue a challenge, contact another player/team on the ladder within the constraints listed above and arrange the match at the mutual convenience of you and your opponent. You can play anywhere, anytime.

6. A team who is challenged must avail themselves on at least 2 separate weekday evenings (5-8PM) or during the day on weekends within a 7 day period, or that team will relinquish their spot to the challenger.  Day 1=the first day after receiving the challenge. The date and time of the issuance shall be when the challengee acknowledges receipt to the challenger (when the gauntlet is picked up).

7. A losing team must wait 7 calendar days before issuing another challenge to the same team. Day 1=1st day after losing.

8. A team need defend its position only one time during a 7-day period. That period begins on Thursday and ends on Wednesday in accordance with our weekly ladder.

9."Common Partner Rule". If a player is on more than one team, the ranking of the partner on other teams can influence their team ranking. (Except for the team ranked #1; see Rule 14.)

If Smith/Jones and Smith/Nelson are to be ranked consecutively, say (3 and 4), or (4 and 3), the higher ranking of either Jones or Nelson in other partnerships will be used to determine whether it should be (3 and 4) or (4 and 3).

For example:

3. Smith/JONES
4. Smith/NELSON
5. Sullivan/Finley
6. Dodds/Kita
7. Bradley/NELSON
8. Levine/Oaks
9. Randall/JONES

The correct ranking should be:

3. Smith/NELSON
4. Smith/JONES

Because Bradley/NELSON is higher than Randall/JONES.

10. Updated Ladders will be posted on our website every week byThurday, 5PM.

11. All play and participation is voluntary. However, if you participate, you can play with only one partner or you can play with as many partners as you like.

12. Partnerships automatically terminate if the partners have not played a ladder match in the last 60 days. You can always re-partner with the same partner at anytime after the 60-day period. (Rule suspended).

13. New teams can either challenge in or request guidance from the Ladder Director (See rule #15.)

14.  The number 1 team has to beaten by a challenge to lose the number 1 position. Any tie-breaking rule  (as in rule #9) will not apply.

15. A newly formed team can request guidance for ladder placement from the Ladder Director. The Ladder Director, after consultation with one other team member, will give a "benchmark" position (say #4 for Ladder dated 4/4/02) above which the new team cannot challenge. The new team must then issue a challenge (per challenge Ladder Rules) within 7 days to the team that holds that benchmark position or any team below it. Day 1 = Day after receiving "benchmark".

Should the new team win, the new team will be inserted into the losing team's position. Only then will the team be considered to be on the ladder. "Common Partner Rule" adjustments will then be applied to the whole ladder.

Should the new team lose, there will be no effect on the ladder. The new team will not be placed on the ladder.

Rule #16. Defaults.  Defaults are not encouraged. However, scheduling and coordinating each ladder match can be time consuming and laborious. Therefore, once a match has been arranged all parties should be driven to its completion and resolution. If default is in order then it should be given and received cheerfully; it is preferable to rescheduling since rescheduling causes delays and frustration. And these delays and frustration drains Ladder enthusiasm.

The conditions for default are listed below. Challengers MUST assume the challengee (team that is being challenged) position if a default occurs. There should be no negotiation since negotiations cause frustrating delays and, besides, negotiations generally favor the team that is more veteran to the ladder, the team that is more bully-like, and the team with more chutzpah, gall, balls, etc.

A team defaults if:

     A. They show up more than 15 minutes late for the match.
     B. They cancel the match once the date of the match has been set. The date of default will be the date of the cancellation.
             1. Rain, cold, heat or excessive wind. All parties must agree to cancel. Any team unilaterally refusing to play should cheerfully default.
     C. The challengee fails to respond with the two challenge dates within 36 hours from the date that the challenge was first issued. Or, subsequently, the challenger fails to confirm one of the two dates within 24 hours after the two dates were                 initially delivered. The date of default will either be the date of end of the 36 hour period or the end of the 24 hour period,           respectively.

Rule #17. Injury. The injured party will inform the Ladder Director and all teammates via e-mail immediately of his injury. To receive temporary relief you must have informed the Ladder Director prior to using this relief mechanism.  When using injury relief, the injured party cannot issue challenges above or below him.

Example of Okay Response:
Smith is injured. Smith informs the Ladder Director et. al. Smith receives challenge. Its okay for Smith to say, “I will not accept the challenge since I have obtained injury relief.” 

Example of Not Okay Response.
Smith is injured. Smith DOES NOT inform the Ladder Director et. al. Smith receives challenge. Smith says, “I will not accept the challenge since I am injured. I will inform the Ladder Director later on tonight.” 

Okay Example:
On Monday, Smith has accepted a challenge match for Friday. Smith is injured on Wednesday. Smith informs the Ladder Director et. al.  Smith must call his Friday opponents immediately after receiving relief, and say, “I will not play the challenge match scheduled for Friday since I have obtained injury relief.”

Extension of the relief must be obtained on a weekly basis (our week begins each Thursday). An injured player on relief cannot play league matches on Sundays subsequent to date on injury relief.

Rule #18. Vacation. A team is allowed 7 calendar days of relief due to vacation. The team will select the specific 7 days and will inform the Ladder Director and all teammates via e-mail immediately of their vacation period.

NOTE: During the Cinnaminson 4.0 USA League Play, the Cinnaminson Teammmembers are allowed to challenge 4 rungs on a Teams Only Ladder. Thus, Teammembers do have a "more than 4 rung Advantage over non-team members.