Posted on our Website 4/23/04.
Committee: Stu Hada, Frank Cosky, Al Damiani

1. Effective Immediately. To encourage more teams to be on the Ladder.
    a. Teams challenging-in and losing will be placed at the bottom of the Ladder. This will be in effective till 5/31/04.
        i. This is a reversion to our original rules. Team Ladder members now recognize that there is value to be on the Ladder, even if it is at the bottom of the Ladder. That value being greater consideration for USTA play to members of the Ladder.
    b. Team deletions has been suspended till 5/31/04.
    c. "Inactive" and "To be Deleted." Will be ignored in selecting teams for Sunday's USTA Matches.
    d. Effective Immediately: A "Ladder Scramble" will begin on Saturday's and Sunday's.
        i. Ladder Teams and Matches will be created by the Ladder Scramble Director.
        ii. Matches will be played at 1PM. No-Ad Scoring. 10 Point Tie-Breaker in Lieu of a 3rd Set.
        iii. Winners (remember these new Teams were not yet on the Ladder.) will be placed at the bottom of the Ladder.
1. Winning teams will play 10 point tie-breaker to determine the last and next to the last spot. In the event of 3 or more winning teams a racket toss will determine an "odd team out". The "odd team out" will play the winner of the other two.
2. Winning Teams will report score.
3. Losers will not be placed on the Ladder.
4. Al Damini will be the "Ladder Scramble" Director.
5. If any team/player cannot play in  a prearranged scramble, it is the responsibility of that team to contact the opposing team/player to reschedule/cancel this match.
6. The purpose of the scramble is to get all registered league members on our ladder/s that will give them more opportunities to play in the league matches. This should also promote more ladder matches and introduce our new members into our league.
7. From time to time, the Ladder Committee will designate "Newcomer Ladder Matches." Newcomers will be invited to challenge-in during our practice sessions against a current player on the Ladder.
8. Tom Finley has been approved as a "Friend" of our Team. Like Cliff Costelo, Mike McGlinn and Dan McGovern, we are giving him all rights as team members (except playing in USTA Matches).

Important Notice To Team Members 4/12/04

1. For the next 3 weeks,April 17, 24, and May 1, we are allowing Ladder matches at our 1PM Sat. and Sun. Times. This is to encourage more Ladder Activity. This is a change from last year when we did not allow it during our 1-3PM period.

2. Collins, Costello, Damiani, Lu, Rhynard, and Szumski have not registered.
Our Team # is 3512155501.

Please register by this Friday. Be aware that I want to avoid time-consuming follow-up by Frank and me.

3. Frank Cosky, can you be sure that Cliff Costello gets the info. Can you send something in the mail today, and follow with a phone call.

Costelo Cliff     662-4555    2577 Powell Ave. Pennsauken, NJ   08110

4. We will try to follow the Ladder for our Line-up. Should that not work, Frank, Al and I will decide on the line-up.

5. Frank Cosky is the Captain of this team. I am the co-captain.

6. Frank has not had word on the date of the 1st match. Expect it within the next two weeks.

7. We encourage comments on Al's previous e-mail of our meeting last Weds. Those "Minutes" will be posted on our website.

8. We have given "Friends" Status to: Mike McGlinn and Dan McGovern and Cliff Costello. This means they have all rights to our regular teammates (except USTA 4.0 League Play). The reason is their better level of play helps our team become better.


In order to recap our meeting on 4/7/04, I wanted to list
the ideas presented to generate an opinion from our teammates.
We discussed
the following;
1. Everyone please read our mission statement on our website.
2. Everyone who hasn't registered for the team, please do so. In
order to
play you must be registered.
3.Discussed having a practice/drills prior to our round robin
format at 1PM
Sat or Sun. If desirable, need imput
from teammates on who would attend, which day, what
would they like to practice.
4. Use Sat/Sun round robin for latter matches to get all
teammates on the
ladder and welcome new players.
5. Discussed having a pratice/drills on a specific night
(mon-fri). Again, if players are interested, NEED IMPUT.
6. We are looking for players to participate/assist in web
design/maintenence/updating etc. We are also looking for
players to lead practice/drills.
7. Discussed having regular committee meetings in which
all interested players can attend. Currently we are looking
for a free committee meeing room available during a week
8. Suggested we e-mail a survey/questionaire regarding the items
above to get imput from all our teammates. This would also
include any ideas
not mentioned above that one would like to discuss.

Finally, we would like to welcome all of our new players,
and regulars, and wish us a banner season for the coming
Al Damiani

Name Home phone e-mail Address
1 Bauscher Mike   642-5251   c-609-932-7160 210 Moore St., Moorestown, NJ   08057
2 Brown Todd  609-620-0978  w-908-423-5781 (no web)  c-732-470-3248 31 Coral Tree Ct. Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
3 Collins Mel  h-609 309-1204, w-856 866-8880, c-609 406-0787
4 Cosky Frank 829-0531 w-234-5440/FAX234-5442 b-738-2744 c-(856) 220-5604 309 W. Henry ST. Palmyra, NJ   08065
5 Costelo Cliff                                 662-4555      2577 Powell Ave. Pennsauken, NJ   08110
4 Damiani Al  424-1221 w-663-2444 925 Society Hill Blvd., Cherry Hill, NJ   08003
5 Dugan Joe    482-0512 w-215-988-1981 26 Anna Ave., Maple Shade, NJ   08052
6 Gundaker, John 435-6511
7 Hada Stuart       235-9466 Stoney Run 50C, Maple Shade, NJ   08052
8 Hartman Gary 665-1020  w-488-8816
9 Johnson, William (Bill) H. (alias "Shoes") 609-747-1709  w-609-771-2882 FX-609-637-5129 wjohnson@TCNJ.EDU or Asst. Dean of Student Services/School of Business, Mgr. ACADV Network
10 Lu Quang                                     910-9217   c-986-3985 4630 Harding Rd., Pennsauken, NJ   08109
11 Maddow Jerald 854-5209 c-465-5130 w-614-3211
12 Methani Sandeep 401-1598 207 Forrest Dr.,Turnersville, NJ 08012
13 Phay James 520-4900
14 Rhynard, Jim 256-1840   c-609-970-4179 185 Pylers Lake Road, Sewell, NJ   08080
15 Shapowalenko Ihor 829-1378 also FAX w-215-427-2686 Bus.FAX215-427-1907 2805 Salem Rd. Cinnaminson, NJ  08077
16 Short Matt   829-4735 c-265-1782 307 Jane Rd., Cinnaminson, NJ   08007
17 Szumski Stan 222-1098  535 Bowling Green, Moorestown, NJ   08057
FRIENDS (Players not on the USTA Team but are invited to play with us because of their high level of play.)   
McGovern Daniel J. 461-2496 w-215-580-3835 fx-215-580-3982 c-278-4139
Costelo Cliff                                 662-4555      2577 Powell Ave. Pennsauken, NJ   08110
Mcglinn Mike                               829-0634



USTA TEAM #3512155501 Revised: 4/01/04
Captain: Frank Cosky, Co-Captain: Stu Hada
Ladder Director: Al Damiani

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   USA League Regulations 2002:

We seek players who possess the following characteristics:

Players who:
Play at least three times a week exclusive of the scheduled play, and if they are not at the Men's 4.0 Level, have practice a large part of their tennis experience.
Seek to improve his or her own game through post game discussion, reading and practice.
Consider consistency of premium importance in doubles play.
Consider conventional doubles strategy of net control, a model strategy to execute.
Consider the following quote an inspiration:

"People think we're here to pittle-pattle the ball back and forth. But sports are about exploiting weaknesses, so if I know that my opponent's shoulder muscles are gone, I hit lobs and a lot of high balls." Steve Everett, Wheel Chair Tennis Player, Tennis Magazine, September 2002.

All Wall Bangers should have read:

1. Rules of Tennis (See USTA Website.)
2. The Code (See USTA Website.)
3. The Ladder Rules