A Legend NEVER dies . . .

One night in July '94 we went down to Capt. Tony's. Sat sipping on a Pirate's Punch thingy, proudly looking at the new Capt. Tony poster we had just purchased. About 11:30pm, in walks Capt. Tony. The crowd surrounded him for half an hour. He noticed us looking at our poster and came over. "Betcha want me to sign that thing - huh". Well, he sat down, signed the poster and shot the breeze for an hour or so. We looked into those eyes and listened to the words the old man had to say. He shared stories with us (yes, most of the stories included his "past" high fashion women - even a brunette who he picked up hitchhiking in Florida A LONG TIME AGO - Marilyn Monroe). Anyway, somewhere past dark-thirty he noticed a storm picking up outside and offered us a cab. We don't do cabs so he helped us unchain our mopeds from the light post outside and begged us to be careful. That is the last time we saw the man with the last mango in paris (he keeps it in his front pocket). And remember kiddies! The ole Capt. is running once again for the position of Mayor of Key West! "Jimmy there's still so much to be done". A legend NEVER dies . . .

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Used by PERMISSION from Fred J. Nusbaum, Jr. of Mango's Fav. Jimmy Buffett Sites
Sequenced by Sal Grippaldi August, 1997


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