La Habana, Cuba ~ 1999

I was born in 1962. I grew up "brain-washed" with this:

Cuba is BAD (not true). Fidel is BAD (still true).
Maybe this is the reason I have been "Havana Daydreamin" for so long, (what is forbidden is enticing).
Welp, in October, 1999 - I flew away to Havana with my husband, Chip and good friends - Billy & Buddy.

We all fell in love with Cuba and her people. Fidel is anutter story . . . Come on USA - forgive & forget already. So Cuba aimed missles at us - that was almost 40 years ago. Let's help the Cuban people NOW!

If you ever get the chance to go to Cuba . . . no sniveling . . . just go.

Signed ~ The Woodro, 1999

1999 Cuba trip Continued

The Old Man and The Sea ~ Havana's old cars ~ Havana Cityscapes
Havana's Famous Bars ~ Cuban citizens ~ Tropicana ~ TO DO in Cuba
Aliens in Havana ~ Cuba Info/Getting there/Links


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False Echoes midi sequenced 3/99 by Sal Grippaldi
USED BY PERMISSION from Blanco ~ and Sal

Words to False Echoes ~ by Jimmy Buffett

Received this response to our Cuba webpage on Nov. 13, 1999:

Thank you for your story and great pictures of your recent trip to Havana.
I was born there in 1960, but my family left the island in 1962.
I have never been back, but would like to take my son there someday,
after "THE MONSTER" leaves.

Thanks again for a great pictorial essay on the island.