This stuff is dedicated to all tha pholks at tha MOTM in Key West ~ Nov. ? - Nov. ?, 1998
We have MANY stories and pictures from this particular time
but opt to not bore you
Ahhh, the stories we could tell
We just wanna show you two thingies . . .

Surprise! Jimmy heard he was in town!
Bubba gave us all a one-of-a-kind street concert on Nov. 7
next to Sloppy Joes.
I Heard I was In Town
This particular evening
at the "Sunset Celebration"
some clouds/something got in the way
of the "perfect" sunset.
Jimmy hollered "Hey YOU! Outta tha sunset!"

The somethings in tha way of tha sunset.
I Heard I was In Town
They shouted "We are the sunset"
"We are your sunset"