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Just WHO is this guy?

We all know him. We've all seen him. WHO is he?

Mystery Man
Post your guess!

Here's what you kiddies have guessed so far . . .

1) "Bubba in disguise!" - The Woodro

2) "The Not-So-Blonde Stranger" - Mike Blair (A Dreamer of Dreams)

3) "Raubyn with a beard and short gray hair" - Billy Peoples (The Old Parrot Head)

4) "The official "parrothead" bestower" - Mare (Mare's World)

5) "Oh him!! He's just my cousin from Miami ~ a real Fruitcake!" - Donna Wenberg (Southern Belle)

6) "None of the above or below" - Bill Atwell

7) "The man from the great filling station hold up" - Ivan Walker, Australia

8) "The voice who called out to me "Son come have a seat" - Cindi Schwirian

9) "It's my ex, Bernard! And he's wanted in 17 states for bigamy! (You know, big-a-me, big-a-you!) He's definitely an official ParrotHead, you can tell by his shirt!" - Lisa

10) "Prez Clinton" - Bordueax76

11) "He is the person that our parents warned us about . . . otherwise know as Gardner McKay"
- Ed Tanner ~ St. Pete Parrot Heads

12) "It's the BALLLLLOOOONNN MON....." - TROY

13) "Yes, I HAVE seen dis guy! I tried to steal his whistle once! He's the crazy guy with the extending basketball hoop thing at Jimmy's concerts. Of all the occupations I've seen, I want his the most!"
- Bill Seiler (Parrot Publishing & Design)

14) "Someone from Desdemon's rocket ship" - Blake Byczek

15) "What the hell? That guy is me!" - Logan Gibbs

16) "Now this has become my mission in life. I love this guy and the T-shirts he shoots at the concerts, I vow as a ParrotHead I WILL FIND OUT. You shall be informed when I do." - Steven A. Scites

17) "He's a stupid fat bearded git with breath that could cut through bank vaults."
- Disgruntled Postal Worker: C. Gilding

18) "He's the guy who flings T-shirts into the crowd at Bubba's concert...but I don't know his name!" - PHd Suzanne

19) "He's Uncle Billy!!" - A Louisiana PH

20) "He is Trever Kane" - J. Welker :-)

21) "Looks like Barry Chance. I Guess You had to be there." - Randy

22) "TALL GUY - I'm serious." - Gary A. Schottroff

23) "Well, I think the the guy that every one else is guessing at is none other than "SPIDER JOHN"!" - Louden

24) "A pissed off ex postal worker who went to see Jimmy BEFORE he went to see his ex boss." - J.J.

25) "Jimmy Buffett. I'm not sure - I'm just guessing." - Jeni

26) "He's the old wino from Bourbon Street" - Mark Conine (The Okie Jollymon)

27) "He is the streetsweeper in the song "It's My Job"" - T.A. Brumfield (famous novelist)

28) "Woodroo!" - Shelley

29) "It's none other than . . . Kenny Rogers - otherwise known as Jolly 'Balloon' Man."
("...what condition my condition is in") - Dean & Virginia

30) "He's the 1930's International Male model...I have the proof!
He's also the guy who lost his underwear at the Parrothead party in Boston!!!!" - Dora Anderson, Boston, MA

31) "Jolly Man, who else?" - Cec Parrothead

32) "It ain't the SPIDER JOHN MON cause we know the SPIDER JOHN MON NOW!!!!!" - Harraden's Parrot Head Habitat(t)

33) "Guess number 19 was close! That's my five cents on the subject!" - penny mann

34) "He's the guy that parks your car in the Buffet concerts" - Andy & Wendy

35) "He's the guy that builds the outrageous carts Club Trini uses for their preshow show.He served us some Corona a few years back when the cart was a Tiki Hut Bar. The lucky guy gets to use them in the off season." - CANDT13

36) "I think it is Jimmy cousin. What a job ah!" - cosmic baker

37) "He's sometimes all wet, he's sometimes in his all together, but mostly he's wacky!" - Barbara

38) "Buffet in disguise!" - Mar1etta

39) "Jimmy Buffett's younger brother Elmondo" - Willies Wonka 40) "Could the mystery man perhaps be the one and only TULLY Mars attempting to obtain some sort of income to provide feed for Mark Twain?" - matt hutcheson (12/2/99)

41) "This guy is at EVERY doggone Buffett-pre-concert-parking-lot-party-thingy we have attended"

42) "It's actually a girl believe it or not--the inspiration for
"Why Don't We Get Drunk and Screw."
(Beer goggles do wonders, don't they?) - Jeff (1/12/00)

43) "It`s Snake from GYPSIES IN THE PALACE" - Audrey & Lindsay (8/30/00)

44) "Its wally world" - Chipparrot (8/30/00)

45) "Some guy with too much fun time on his hands? Whose only social life is Buffett pre-parties and concerts? The wino that we know? HA!! :)" - Jeff Alldredge (8/30/00)

46) "It's "The King" himself. Elvis Aaron Presley. I heard it on the Coconut Telegraph that the Memphis Mafia master minds all the gadgets." - JungleJim (8/30/00)

47) "Golly Wally . . . can the beaver come out and play?" - KYPARROTZ (8/30/00)

48) "Wally, the short man syndrome man!!!!!!!!!!!" - Marilyn May (8/30/00)

49) "This is Wacky Wally from the Sports Magic Team"!!!!!!!!!!!" - Kevin McDevitt (8/30/00)

50) "Did Norman Paperman FINALLY find a promising career in the entertainment business? Go Norman!"!!!!!!!!!!!" - Mike Lindsay - Washington Area Parrothead Club (8/30/00)

51) "He's The Blonde Stranger-reallllllllllllllllllllllly Stranger!!!!!!!!!!!" - NorthStar Construction Services Corp (8/30/00)

52) "Tall Paul. Hired by Jimmy to entertain the crowd before the shows!" - pamcbail (8/30/00)

53) "I don't know, I'm not sure -- indecision may or may not be my problem!" - RFirchau (8/30/00)

54) "The mystery man is the lcukiest damn SOB on the face of the earth . . . he gets to stare down all the women's shirts from above and he gets paid to blow a whistle and shoot t-shirts out of an air gun . . . I gotta get me a gig like that!" - Parrothead Murf (8/30/00)

55) "I met him this year at starlake. Not sure of his name but he gave me a ballon and he seemed like a great guy!!!! ~~^~~ Fins Up" - Timmy Welsh (8/30/00)

56) "It's either Joe Merchant or Frank Bama - the beard throws me!!!" - ParrotPhans (8/30/00)

57) "Travis McGee or the lost soul of that Marvin Gardens character. Maybe it's Skink lookin for some chompin' road kill. Either way, he's got one hell of a night time gig." - Danielle (8/30/00)

58) "I think its Jerry Jeff Walker - Jimmy's friend who showed him Key West for the first time!" - Nancy (8/30/00)

59) "ITS WALLY! He does the cannon thing during the show and also helps design some of the props for the tour!" - Litterini (8/30/00)

60) "Isn't he that WHITE pop singer from a couple of years ago, who burnt his hair and doesn't work anymore . . . Michael Jackson" - MAZFINS14 (8/31/00)

61) "Who cares, he's having fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - CARL112764 (8/31/00)

62) "I don't know who he is but I want to. He hit me in the head with a balloon in Dallas and K.C. and I think he hit me in the head in Memphis too, but that has been too many beers ago." - PLEIADES97 (8/31/00)

63) "I've seen this Joe down in Mexico, he went there to work on his tan. For year's he's been plugged into blenders and songs...He's the 12 Volt Man!!! Just ask for some palm trees . . ." - Capt. Mike (8/31/00)

64) "I was there with Pleiades97 (post 62), and I saw the whole ballood thing . . . it got ugly for a second. The balloon man is no other than "The Poet" . . . he's lived before his time." - AALEX399 (9/1/00)

65) "This guy! I remember this guy! He has got this cool telescoping . . . Basket . . . and he gives away t-shirts. All of this happened in the middle of the GREATEST PARTY IN THE WORLD!!!" - beachkim (9/1/00)

66) "I know That Guy From the concerts, saw him 3 times in 6 days on the West Coast tour. Its "Wally from Kinja",a.k.a. "Wacky Wally". He's been at every concert (that I can remember), for the past 4 tours!" - Gary (9/2/00)

67) "WALLY is a true Fruitcake!!" - Glenn Dayoan (9/5/00)

68) "Could he be Mike Nesmiths mate, the 12 volt man from Baja? Certainly looks like he's sporting a few bare essentials to keep him going for a while . . ." - Brian (Australia) (9/7/00)

69) "HIPPOLYTE!!!!!" - Robert Welch (9/7/00)

70) "Mockajumbi" - Donnie (9/8/00)

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