The Woodro watches over us . . . still

On a lazy Sunday afternoon, (June 14, 1998), I (Raubyn), sat on the couch watching a movie. I was also observing our four fur-babies (Murphy, Nikki, Franklin and Calvin) romp around the room, playing pup-games. I noticed how much Calvin looked like his father, The Woodro. I went to the garden window in the kitchen where we keep our favorite photo of Woodro. I brought the photo back to the couch with me and sat it down on the table on front of me. Yep - Calvin looks just like his father.

My eyes wandered to the glass door in front of me. I looked out to the hill beyond our backyard and scanned the bright green trees along the fence row. My eyes stopped roaming when I spotted a particular vine growth. In the middle of this particular fence row, a tall, dead tree normally stood. I wondered many times when its rotted and dry body would simply fall to the ground. But this day - the dead tree was covered with ivy. The ivy had entwined and mingled around the tall, dead tree into a very outstanding form.

My mouth dropped wide open and I grabbed the telephone. I called Chip at work and told him about the ivy formation. I then grabbed the camcorder and camera to record this image.

The Woodro watches over us . . . still . . .

Deja, deja, deja vu
Believe it ~ and it will come true . . .

Award received June 14, 1999
Exactly ONE YEAR after the we first saw "The Woodro Vine"
This story keeps getting better and better:-)