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I set this web page up to show the building progress of the of my "WIZARD " catamaran.
I will up date the pictures from time to time.

(0/01/01)I started work new years day. I figure this is a good day to start and keep track of progress.

(04/02/01) So far all is going very well a bit slow to bad I have a real job that pays all the bills. I am now quite convinced that the metric system is much easier to use.
Mr. Woods has been very good taking my calls and answering email. I would still very much like to talk to other wizard builders. please let me know if you have any info about this design.

(08/04/01) I have added a few new pictures of the building of the cabin.

(12/03/01)Less than 30 day and it will be one year. I started new years day and thought I would be done with the cabin in less than a year, Oh well. I have been told the building time is about 1200 hrs to complete, my best guess is that I have about 300 so far.
I have been enjoying the email I have been getting. I find it very encouraging to get input from others.
I have found the place to get marine hardware garhauermarine.com/ at a great price.

(03/06/02) 90% done glassing out side of cabin about half done on the inside.

(05/07/02) I have updated the look of the page and now have smaller thumbnails that should load faster. the file name will also give the date that the picture was shot.
To date I have started on the hatch and have lifted the cabin so that I can attach the cockpit and work on the bottom.

(08/11/02) Just about done with the cabin. its all sanding and finishing now. I have added pictures of the beams being built. As well as added a page of pictures that I have found on the net of other "Wizard" catamarans or boats that I liked.

(09/16/02) Hatch installed (test fit). I got the primer now and hope to use it in two weeks. I am sanding every thing one more time.

(10/31/02) Cabin primed and first coat of paint (Awl-Grip two part LP) put on.

(11/10/02) The cabin is done!!! At least so I can move it out side to start on the hulls. I have a lot of prep work to do before I start. I have to extend the garage and decide if I will use a male of female mold to do the strip plank hull. If you any input on this let me know.

(12/21/02)Starting on the hulls. I have had to cut an 8ft x 8ft hole 4ft deep in the back of the garage to make it long enough to build the hulls. I have decided to use the female mold to do the hulls. I talked to Antiloop Oy at Antiloop boat building co. (he is the guy that built the wizzer in Finland) he gave some very good input. To build the strongback I am using 4 x 12 engineered floor beams, they are very strong and straight. Not to mention very cost effective.

(02/02/03)Got my cedar and have stared to strip the first half of the first hull.

(03/17/03) Finished glassing the inside of the first half hull and moving it out of the workshop. I have to give my wife a big thanks for not having a fit as we passed through the inside of the house to the front yard.
It took about 27 hours to get this half to this point, that works out to 5 weeks working at it part time.

(07/07/03) The 2nd starboard hull half is finished and the dagger board case is installed. Will be starting on the 1st port half in a week, I may have one hull together by the middle of next month.

(07/13/03) Moved the 2nd half outside. Will be flipping the mold and setting up for the 1st port half.

(08/30/03) Have placed two halfs together to make the port hull. A bit more work and I will be starting on the last half.

(09/30/03) Pulled the port hull out of the workshop. Its nice to see it right side up. I HOPE to have the starboad hull finished by the end of the year. (could happen)

(02/23/04) Well it’s been a long time… I should have written sooner. (Life got hold of me)

I haven’t gotten as far as I would have liked in this amount of time but I do feel as if I might me on the down hill side now. I now have two hulls glassed inside board cases installed and the mold is gone. I pulled the second hull off the mold yesterday and have started on the clean up prior to glassing. I plan on a three step glass, 1. Glass the deck over 2. Roll to one side and glass 3. Roll and glass other side over lap at keel. This way all glassing will be done flat using gravity not fighting it.

(09/06/04) Starboard hull is about 75% done. Glassed inside and out. Bunks and bulkheads installed. I faired the bottom too about the WL just the sides and deck to go. Port hull glassed inside, and I am almost done fitting bunks and bulkheads. Will start glassing out after finishing inside.
I met Richard Woods (the designer) last month, he was in So Ca. for the Santa Barbara to King Harbor race. He came by after the race to inspect my progress. He seemed pleased. He was a very nice guy I enjoyed meeting him.

(07/30/05) The big news I moved the cabin and hulls into the garage for assembly.Both hulls are glassed, bottoms faired and primed. Both boards built and test fit in hull.

(06/05/06) Most all building is done. Still need to add the outer stems, glass them and the sterns. The rudder design needs to be finished , as well as the boards. I see a lot of sanding prior to painting.

(09/27/06) New link to Donald McKee's Wizard Build

(12/30/06)Progress update… finished the high build prime on port hull and have moved it to the painter. Will get one prime and sanding before painting with awlgirp

(05/23/07)The starboard hull has been painted, if all go's well I will be putting it together next weekend (I hope)

(06/17/07)It looks like a boat! The 3 main pieces are painted (2 hulls and cabin) and together. It took 12 hrs to move all the bits to the yard and assemble. The hulls were moved from 20 miles away one at a time to the storage yard. The cabin was 10 miles away in the opposite direction. It took two cherry pickers and four guys to accomplish this task. I owe a BIG thanks to the 3 guy that helped with out them I could not have put this together.
I still have a lot to do but at least it looks good.

(10/04/07)The mast went up on Monday no problems, thanks to Mike Leneman at multimarine. This is were I got the mast as well it’s a 33 ft rotating aluminum section. Down to sails now and they are on order. Who knows I might launch by the end of November.

(01/14/08)To day was launch day…. Put the boat in the water for the fist time and had a sail. Every thing went off without a hitch, she sat right on her lines.
The engine started without a fuss with And we powered for about 10 minuets all was well.
Next we turned the motor off and raised the mail sail with out the jib.- tacked well never got stuck head to wind. Was able to do 5knts (on the GPS) in about 9knts of wind main alone.
With the main and jib we seemed to hold 5.5 to 6.5 in light wind. (6 to 9 knts) We did see 8knts in a puff of about 10knts.
With some wind and learning the trim double digits are going to be no problem.