Welcome to the MOMS Club Woodstock-South website. Our goal is to bring together moms who have decided to stay home with their children and to provide support and encouragement to the stay-at-home mom of today. We rely on member participation to help our chapter thrive and grow. We are not religiously based or affiliated. At-home moms with children of any age are welcome!


Who We Are

The MOMS Club Woodstock-South is part of the international MOMS Club®, a non-profit organization made up of over 100,000 moms across the country. We coordinate and participate in local activities virtually every weekday of the year, and some weekend events. As stay-at-home moms with children of all ages, we understand the need for affordable (often free) activities that allow you as a mother, a wife, and an individual to interact with and bond with others like you. If you are interested in obtaining further information about joining our club, please click here.