some of our songs

(Tune:  You're a Devil in Disguise)

I looked like a granny
I felt like a granny
I thought like a granny
Then I got

Now I'm a rebel in disguise
Oh yes, I am
A rebel in disguise
Oh, yeah,
A rebel in disguise.

I got off my fanny
I joined Raging Grannies
I learned it was canny
To protest LOUD

We are rebels in disguise
Oh yes, we are
Rebels in disguise
Oh yeah,
Rebels in disguise

(Granny Joan Savoy, Woodstock Raging Grannies)


(Tune:  Here We Go Gathering Nuts In May)

How do the Tories win an election?
Buy the votes, buy the votes
How do they buy our precious votes?
Tax breaks in the morning.

How do they fund these wondrous breaks?
Borrow the bucks, borrow the bucks
How much did it cost the last time through?
Ten billion in the morning.

Who profited most from these tax breaks?
The already rich, the already rich.
Who lost the most with Mighty Mike?
The sick and poor in the morning.

How can we stop this heartless gang?
Vote them out, vote them out.
How can we bring back decent government?
Vote them out in the morning!

(the late Granny Tove Finlay, Woodstock Raging Grannies) two