Woody's jerk off video

Who is Woody?

Woody is me, a 27 year old straight guy. I am 1.83 m. tall and weigh 120 kg (that's 6 feet and 260 pounds for the metrically challenged...). My hair and eyes are brown. My uncut cock is six inches long when hard and I have quite a hairy body.

I'm very horny and masturbate often (about two to three times a day on average). Just thinking about sex gets my dick hard and makes me have to jerk off to relieve myself, which is made easier by the fact that I usually don't wear underwear. I'm even masturbating as I write this...

What is this video?

One of the things I get off on is watching myself masturbate, which is why I made a videotape of me jerking off. I also get off on the idea of other people watching me masturbate, which is why I'm now selling that videotape. I hope you don't mind if I make a little profit too, it's probably the only way I'll get to make any money off my naked body... :-)

Most of the tape is me jerking off and cumming in various states of undress but there's some other stuff there as well, such as me eating my own cum, cumming in my food, peeing over myself in the shower and fucking myself in the ass with a dildo. I also like to play with my belly a lot. It runs for about 90 minutes.

Please note: I can currently only provide the video on PAL VHS (PAL is a video system widely used in Europe, America has NTSC which is not compatible), but I'm working on PAL and NTSC Video CD and NTSC VHS...


There are some erotic MPEG movies and pictures of myself on this page. They are not exactly previews since they're not from this video, but they do show what I look like and the kind of stuff that is on the video.

Order the video.

You can order the video by PayPalling USD 15.00 to me. Don't forget to include your shipping address!

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