There will be no true justice until Mumia and other cop-killers are executed!

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As you could probably guess, I am Howard Kurtz. I am a deputy sheriff with the St. Clair County, Illinois Sheriff's Dept., located in Belleville, Il. I am also a ham radio operator, call sign KB9NID. I collect Law Enforcement patches from around the world. E-mail me if you might be interested in a trade. I also have small collection of department T-shirts from all over. I am attempting my 1st web page here and hope to hear from y'all out there on how you liked it and where it might need improvement.
Please Remember the those fallen caring for You and I. Remember those who gave their lives so that you and I can live free. Support your local law enforcement, fire and EMS and remember all those serving OUR country in the ARMED FORCES.

 I am a member of various fraternal and professional organizations, including but not limited to the Fraternal Order of Police, Illinois Police Association, St. Clair Lodge #24 AF & AM, the ARRL and Catholic War Vets. I am currently a member of the Mississippi Valley, Div. 8 of the Illinois Police Association and a trustee of St. Clair County, Lodge #148 of the FOP.

  I am a state certified Gang Crimes Specialist, Juvenile Officer, and LEADS Operator. I am a member of my departments Special Shakedown (cell search) Team and S.O.R.T. team. In 1997, I was named Correctional Deputy of the Year. I instruct at the St Clair County Sheriff's Dept. Correctional Officer Training Accademy in Emergency Procedures. You can see more police designs like the one below on tee-shirts by clicking on the image below.

 I used to be a full time webhead. I used spend most of my "free" time here on the Web.Sorry ladies but I am no longer on the market.A lovely lady named Jennifer has taken my heart and made an honest man of me. I LOVE YOU, JENN!!! You can find me on ICQ as Woody35 (UIN 2612226). On POWWOW, I am also Woody35(using e-mail address of On AOL Instant Messenger I am Woody3585.I also use Mirc and frequent #cops,#TopCops and #police, as Woody35. You might sometimes find me playing Acrophobia (a really neat online game..go to to download it) or just sitting here surfing the web.You can always e-mail me at

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Stay Safe and comeback!!!
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