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Woody's Home Page

Hi, I'm Woody. My Mom helped me make my page

because I'm still learning. I'm in 5th grade this year, I'm very

excited about that! I love learning new things.

I turned 13 this Christmas, and I got lots

of presents. Mom says I was the best present she ever got

for Christmas, that makes me feel special. I get to have two

birthdays every year, my un-birthday is June 25, I turned

13 1/2 next time. I really like getting two birthday cakes too.

My favorite shows on tv are Recess, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball GT.

I also love Yu-Gi-Oh, Beyblades and Pokemon.

My page needs alot more updating, coming soon

Here is a picture of me:

This was taken this
Spring 2004, 4th grade class.

I'm a BIG Brother, it's fun.
My little brother's name is Joey.
You can Click Here to see him.

My Mom Put Some Fun Stuff Together For Us:

Click Here To Play My Free Online Games

Click Here To Color A Picture

Baby Animals An online book for kids

About Dogs For Kids

Kids Say The Cutest Things (more for parents)

Poems4Parents (also for parents)

If you like scary Halloween Stories, check out ours. The pages contain many graphics and sound files, please be patient while they load. It's worth the wait.


My Mom made a fun Happy Halloween greeting page you can send to
your friends, it includes a link to the story above. Check it out! Click Here

To download a great FREE game check out: Docking Station

These Kids Are Missing, Maybe We Can Help


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