Here is where I rant, rave, and mutter obscenities under my breath. Any questions? Good. Now READ!

November 14, 2003 - Bailey says my website is BORING ... so I have to show her otherwise ... well today I had Drama and a sub called Mr. Scotton .... like cotton but with an s in front. Yes I'm pretty sure he "swung the same way as the dog." lol Bailey. Anyways we did improv and I was with Katie ... lets just say it was interesting. Katie asks me how my girlfriend is (I was supposed to be a boy) I was like .... I think we should stop and ask for directions... then she stopped the "car" and said we needed to have a chat then she asked me again. Haha I just stood there ... :P Well then it was Socials time ... we watched a movie from the 1950's that was practically being eaten by the VCR ... and I didn't pay attention ... I daydreamed. (Sammy ... THAT'S when I dream about it ... lmao) At lunch we watched "Complete" perform in the auditorium ... I just made fun of them with Kathleen the whole time while I choked on the fog from the fog machine. Then came English, where we started talking about people making out and doing stuff that never happened in the book ... needless to say, Erik was extremely happy. Then came Video, where we watched our movie trailer assignments. Ours was last, and I thought it sucked, but EVERYONE LOVED IT! It was so cool to actually do something good! Haha. Now we have the Finding Nemo DVD! Early X-mas gift! Whee! Well I won't bore you for long but I just really need to type stuff in French ... Je déteste Graeme ... J'aime les sciences... lèche - cul! lol Kathleen! Okay I am done. I think. You wanna know what's funny? Gay guys. I mean, they are hilarious! On the Sims I have these two gay Sims and they are so funny! Hahaha I made them wear Speedoes in the hot tub together! Okay moving on ... what is there to talk about? Oh yes ... in video we couldn't talk during the movie trailers ... "no dribbling of the mouths" (whispering) but I was like ... no ... my mouth only dribbles when ... hahaha okay nvm. It's okay that I think funny things as long as I don't say them. Wasn't the case in gym yesterday :S ... tragedy. Well it's like 7:00 and I'm bored ... so ttyl!
Kirbee @ 6:50 PM
Tune: Perfect - Simple Plan

November 11, 2003 - Well ... long time no talk. Tons have happened but since the whole world can see it, I won't type it all. Well I scored one goal in a game of soccer, now I'm forward every game. Darn header goal ... made me look like I knew what I was doing. Oh, and you know that guy I thought I didn't like anymore? Turns out I do. It wasn't my fault, ok? I had dug the grave too deep to get out of. And it just got deeper. Tiffany and Charlie, I swear on my eventual grave that I will get my revenge. Oh, and by the way, you two would make a great couple. I really don't have that much to write except I am hyper :P ... hyper good! Today I went with Bailey, Sammy and Sammy's boyfriend, Graeme, and we played soccer. Something I would rather have been spared from. We mostly dragged each other to the ground, kicked/threw the ball at each other, and some other things happened when I was watching the clouds. Hey! I felt like watching them, ok? Well then I played Deer Hunter 5 online. (I wouldn't ever hunt in real life ... but the game is addictive!) Now I'm here typing to you. No one ever reads this so what's the point? Haha I need to get my feelings out! :P No one listens to me ... I am sarcastic too often so they never believe me. Like the boy who cried wolf, only I'm sarcastic girl. Sad, eh? OoOoOooo Christmas is coming! YAYS! I had to get that off my chest. Hah OMG I saw Finding Nemo again Saturday, and it was HILARIOUS! "Mine, mine, mine, mine!" Haha those seagulls are so funny. "Hey you can speak whale? I wish I could speak whale...." Go Dory! Anyways, I'd better go for dinner. Dinner good! Byes!
Kirbee @ 4:54 PM
Tune: Tomorrow - Lillix