Okays. You wanna know about me? Ok, well here goes nothing.

My name is Kirbee. I live in Canada. That's all you need to know. I have one sister, age 11, and one brother, age 9. My parents are still together. My bithday is October 31st. I am 13. Figure it out. I have brown hair streaked with red and blonde. I have brown eyes. I am sick of the colour brown. My favorite colours are black, blue and purple. I have pets. 2 male cats, named Oliver and Jersey, a male dog who is a little on the "healthy" side. Okay well he's so fat he can barely get up. His name is Jet. As well I have a bearded dragon. It's a lizard. I named it Spike, but 3 years later it turns out laying eggs. So I still call it Spike, and he's/she's still male in my mind. I also have a bunch of sickly fish. I think they are dead. I don't know. Don't look often enough. One last thing. My favorite dog breed in the entire world is the husky. Like you couldn't tell already.