Welcome to the Resistance!  You can come here to learn what we're about, and find out how you can bring down:

This site is 100% THEORY.  In reality, it might all be a strange series of coincidence...  But we don't think so.  In fact, We're willing to go so far as to publish it.  We believe it to be true.  If you don't - well then, that's a risk you'll have to take.  The blood is not on our hands.



News     Thursday, April 12th, 2001

Ah! A battle will be fought today!  The question you've always wanted to know the answer to... Who is stronger: The Iron Destroyah or Golem!  Also a new member is added: Cocomotive!  I've known him for a while and his help will be vital in the coming months!

News       Tuesday, April 2nd, 2001

Damn... I've been busy.  Recently The Silent One, Golem, and myself have done some reconnaissance.  It is far worse than we could have imagined!  Within a day of our efforts, we were attacked!  We narrowly evaded the rice pudding orbital bombardment.  Your laughing, I know you are, but I'm serious.  There was Rice Pudding on the car, we weren't in it though.  Anyhow, The Grimace has joined our efforts, as has The Un-Named.  Umm... She has no name, so.... yeah.  You guys think of one and let me know.  I was given the responsibility of finding an Alias and have drawn a blank for over a week.  In case you haven't noticed yet, Golem is again in good standing.

News        Friday, March 7th, 2001

Sorry for the lack of updates - I've been busy and tired.  Iron Destroyah has submitted a report about a recent mission, with will be up eventually, complete with illustrations by the destroyah himself...  A few new members added: Beaver Stink, Squatting Dog, RUF-Dawg, a correspondent on a racing team...  Ah yes, the message boards are taking off, and hey, the silent one may even answer a question or two!

News        Saturday, February 24th, 2001

It seems that the Shell-Walgreens Alliance has gone across the border!  Fear for your lives Canadians!  New (Canadian) Member added: Ryakudatsu.  I'm going to start work on the forums next week, ok?  See you then.
Same day update:  New Member : Vesparo (second member before 10:30 AM!)
Ok, I lied.  One forum is up now.  It's an EZ-BOARD, and you need to register.
Same day update 2:  New Member: Murky.  Two new forums added to the message board.  I'm looking for mods and admins.  Also, a couple of major revelations on the members page!

News         Friday, February 23rd, 2001

Site updated, new member added: Spike Helm.  Keep 'em coming people!  There's no requirements to join, no meetings or nothing!  Just send me an email and show your support!

News         Thursday, February 22nd, 2001

Site updated again!  We've been featured on IGN for Men, they're eyes are open!  Within one hour, I received a new membership request!  I will try to update new members as I get them, so keep calm if your not up right away.  The Message Boards are still on the way.  New Member added: Pyrostrife.  See the story on IGN : Fight The Power!
Same Day Update: Added new member: JUB

News          Friday, February 16th, 2001

Site Updated again!  Still no word on Golem's status, but we ARE looking into it, believe me.  Two new members added, The Ugly Man and Piranha Swirl.  I will have the pleasure of hearing the Silent One speak tonight, plans will be made for future action.  For those asking, the menu is used by holding your mouse over the small tab sticking out on the left side.  If theirs any problems, mail me.  I think I'll update every Friday from now on - mark your calendars!  I'm also going to add a forum soon.  Beast out.

News          Friday, February 9th, 2001

The new site is up, with working menus and new information.  We have a new member, The Iron Destroyah.  Golem's allegiance is currently under close scrutiny, as it seems he may have affiliations with shell.  We need members, so if your interested, let us know!  The link is in the menu.  Also, if your having trouble with the menu, try IE, or updating your browser.  Let me know of any incompatibilities, so I can fix them.  On the frontline, Walgreens has opened another store, and even some people we thought we could trust are now employed by that yellow logo.  Please, I urge you, be strong, join us, and let us help you all.