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We all raise goats for different reasons, sometimes we start out with one reason and 15 years down the road, we STILL have our goats but with a completely different goal in mind. Doesn't matter....we are all in this together. Together has taken on a whole new meaning with the Internet. Now there is so much more to learn, see, animals to know about. This Net Ring has that unity in mind.

If you raise goats this is the Net Ring to be a part of! The tags are very simple at the moment but I am open to graphics and other ideas. If you have comments and/or questions, just contact The Wooly Woods.

This ring is hosted by Ring Surf. A Web Ring joins site with similar interests or threads together on the Internet. If you surfed the entire ring, you would wind up back at the beginning.

To join The Goats For Fun and Profit net ring:

  1. Fill out the application below.
  2. You will receive an email from Ring Surf with your ID number
  3. Copy and paste the html tags onto your site (You may also use the tags sent to you in your email notification)
  4. Change all of the "id=1" to ID=(whatever number they sent you in the email)
  5. Change the "Owned by" name to your name
  6. Email me at woolywoods@zzzip.net to let me know your tags are up
  7. I will then add you to the ring

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Below is the tag set up for this ring. If you prefer copying right from the web do so, if you prefer pasting html go to the source and grab it from there

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