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G'day All,

I've finally updated the Alumni addresses. Sorry it takes a while inbetween updates, but life occasionally catches up with me. Please send me your updates, I will get it in eventually. :)

Click for Woomera 60th Anniversary Celebration News

Click for 2007 April Easter weekend reunion news


You can see the 2003 reunion photos by Randy Baker (thanks!) at: http://www.aypwip.net/woomera.html

Woomera 2000 Reunion Pictures courtesy of Tom Armstrong (thanks!)

You can see the August 2000 reunion photos from Paul Chester on YAHOO! at: woomeraalumni.shutterfly.com

I don't know all the people in the photos - so if you do, please either update the caption or send me the information, and I'll rename the photo on the Shutterfly photo gallery.

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