Violence in our Society

by :

Gabriella Pierre
Matthieu Gouin
Nicolas Leroux
Gonšalo Da Silva

General Introduction

Violence is a concept that has been part of us since the beginning of all time. Somehow, we cannot imagine the world without it because it has always been part of our lives. Today in sports, video games, TV programs and news, we realize to what point society has included this way of living in all the aspects and subjects as part of our daily life. In others words, violence has become a way of living instead of a reaction due to bad behaviour of some people. These days, in our society, we can't avoid violence in some sectors. Take cinema for example; an action movie without violence is boring. In news broadcasts, people lose interest if they don't have catastrophic images of any kind, and so on. So we can say that violence is and always will be among us.

With the revolution of telecommunications, news and media are more present than ever in our lives. As we can easily notice, it has never been easier to get up-to-date information fast, accurately and by many ways including TV, internet, newspapers, radio. Focusing only on TV, there is 75% of the Americans who watch it regularly . This clearly shows that we are more in contact with the news, which unfortunately contains an high amount of violence. Over the last five years, the "Rocky Mountain Media Watch" studied the local TV newscast across the United States and found that violent topics are always about half of the total time consecrated to news. Whether we want it or not, violence of the television affects us largely.

These days, violence is everywhere. It's hidden where we don't think it can be and we "sit" next to it! Every day we see it but we don't recognize it! Even our children are exposed to it! One of the main sources of propagation of violence is television.. Every program contains violence and we listen to it innocently. Even our good old cartoons contain some of it. In the Flintstones they hit each other with bones. In programs, we don't just see physical violence but we also hear a lot of verbal violence; we just need to think of our friend Jerry!, Jerry! in other words. Actually, this kind of program has a large audience, even more than we can imagine.

In today's world, video games have an important place in our lives. Everybody or almost everybody has played video game at least one time. Names like Nintendo, Sony and soon Microsoft have won their place in our homes. But maybe this can cause some problems with our kids. Companies like Sony and Microsoft want to have more mature games. Actually, this can make our children have some violent reaction with their society. When Sony or Microsoft announce that they will publish a new game with your kid's hero and this game is for mature people, what will you do? Would you buy the game or not? Another example of that violence is that some people say that the incident on September 11th was prepared with the help of a game called "Flight Simulator", but not all consoles are like this. Let's take a look at Nintendo. This company is more for kids and almost all of their game are for everybody. The big question we should ask our self is if games have some effects on our lives and if we should banish the one's that are too violent.

The main idea would be to say that: in our world today, almost everything is a representation of violence whether we want it or not. Somehow we can fight it but it won't be easy for anyone because this concept is shown and presented as a typical material of statement in our lives. Unfortunately, it will stick around for a while before finding something good to replace it and until then, it will always be there help out by the media, video games, sport and even the radio.

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