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Woopyawass is here!!!
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Well it's that time. You have all been hounding me to put this together and here is the first go at putting me out live on the net. just bear in mind that this site is currently under construction and is just a temp site to whet your appatite.
many thanks to your support and we should see a dramatic difference every time you return to this site.
The Warrior!
The rod of poower
Barney's old skool rule!
:  1998cc
Model:  XR4i 2wd  5dr hatchback
Born: 18/10/1990
15" wolfrace racelite wheels
K&N induction 57i induction kit,
Peco bigbore 4  backbox 4" exit
superchip module
(under testing)
Top speed:
135 mph so far on the M11 motorway
witness to prove!!
Our cars!
:  1798cc
Model:  Golf GTi 16v
Born: 1988(year of the devil)
17" BBS wheels
Pipercross panel filter
Full stainless Magnex system
with 7x4 oval exit
Top speed:
unknown due to the fact that si ain't brave enough to see!
:  1998cc
Model:  sierra saphire 2.0i
Born: september 1988
17" wheels
Pipercross cone air filter
Full Ashley race  system
4 branch manifold to a 4" exit
Top speed:
We haven't found a road long or straight enough but were looking!

click shaun the sheep to view my web cam if i'm on-line!
[Ask Earl]
BABE?      or
Colin's ugly Duckling!
(Now a bootyfull swan.)
:  1998cc
Model:  XR4x4   5dr hatchback
Born: 22/10/1992
15" Ford non-rs  wheels
Peco bigbore 4  backbox 4" exit
Top speed:
still awaiting trail date!
Big up box
Simon (golf gti/bmw 320i) sayin?
Reek (escort cos) snaps out durk!
Baz (many many) who da man?
Weggy (onion 16i) word
Chris (calibra 16v) lighter!
Colin (xr4i4x4) chap!
Mark (200sxturbo) yoot!
Steff (evo7) what u sayin?
Barney (sierra cossy) ya plum
Phil (mk5rs2000) center caps?
Mick (da woo) big man
Kelly (mg zt) mint
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