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August 25, 2004

So it's almost been exactly a year since Hung first asked for his
"evaluation". Yes, a year. You see, he first IMed me on August 30th,
2003, using his old screen name "azncript". I told him I'd write it
up at 1:00am, and when he IMed me at 1:00am, I told him to come back
at 3:00am . . . but I had logged off at around 2:30am. And today,
Hung asked for evaluation thing again, and since I have ABSOLUTELY
nothing better to do than write up some stupid thing for him, I
decided that I might as well finally do it. So here it is:

Hung is a HOMEWRECKER! You heard me. Even though he has a girlfriend
right now, he's trying to break up Cathy and Duncan so he can have
Duncan all to himself! That's been his plan all along. Emily, his
"girlfriend", is just a cover, to throw off people from thinking that
he wants Duncan. Cause c'mon, think about it! Why would Hung Tran
want Duncan Tsai if he already has a hot girlfriend? CAUSE IT'S A
SHAM! If Hung was still single, Cathy would be paranoid like crazy!
She'd be like, "Oh no! It's Hung! Must make-out with Duncan before
Hung tries to seduce Duncan away from me!" You had a good plan going,
Hung . . . too bad there's people like me out there who can see
through your disgustingly evil homosexual plots! I'm on to you! You
can't hide it anymore! But I came too late . . . HUNG ALREADY HAD SEX
WITH DUNCAN! Cathy, if you're reading this, I'm so sorry I couldn't
have prevented this. Really, I am. Last week I saw Hung giving it to
Duncan doggy-style at Alondra Park. Well, okay, I didn't technically
"see" them. I just saw Hung with his pants off, Duncan bending over,
and then the gray pavement as I spewed out my lunch, my breakfast, and
everything else I had eaten for the past 17 years. They were doing
things that not even animals on the Discovery channel do!

And you know what else? Hung . . . IS A SLUT! No wait, he's even
worse than that. Hung Tran is a MLUT, A MALE SLUT! One time while
walking home from Leuzinger, I saw Danny in his van passing by, with
Hung in the passenger seat. I could tell something was up (haha,
pun!) since Danny kept swerving from side to side while driving. As
the van got closer to me, I could see that Hung had his sweaty hand
wrapped around Danny's "shift stick" and was "shifting Danny's gears",
so to speak. I was blinded for a moment, and then I just passed out.
I woke up about an hour later when I felt a hand reach into my pants,
and I kicked backward, thinking it was Hung, but it turned out to just
be a drunk bum trying to steal my wallet. I kinda forgot where I was
for a moment, but then I remembered Hung's ecstatic look of
masturbational (yes, that's a real word) joy, and I ended up puking on
the bum. Bum, if you're reading this too, sorry about that.

Ugh . . . I think I'm going to stop there for now . . . all these
memories are making me want to puke again . . . UGH!! Too late!

August 19, 2004

Geocities is back up and I present to you with this video... danny and i have made ^__^

June 13, 2004