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Let's get together on this Gigi and Chiana fans! If you have info, scans or articles I don't have here, PLEASE share!

Articles reproduced without permission. Some no longer available webarticles and all listing info snurched wholesale from that great, massive Gigi site, GigiEnthusiasts Resource Service. If you want Gigi info, pictures, multimedia, chat board, and you name it, go to that Gigi site. If you like the material these publications offer, buy them!


Do you yahoo? You will after knowing Gigi Edgley!

Thanxxx to yahoo and its generous advertising supporters for the nook of the web.
Thanxxx to Gigi Edgley for being a doll, a dish, a dynamo and above all a cornucopia of talent.


Farscape was cancelled prematurely - but in no small parts thanks to efforts from all Farscape fans, Farscape will return! October 17th on Scifi Channel.

It will be a 4-hour miniseries, not a new season. To insure a future, please write networks in your country requesting them to show Farscape on their network. After it airs, write advertisers you've seen advertising during the program in your area that you saw their adds on that program. It helps them to know where their adds are seen. Ask them if they will express a preference for advertising during that program. Help the Farscape "franchise" and Gigi Edgley's Chiana continue!

The following add was made by ExquisiteIrony.

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