Tips For Beginners
~When you have a blank then use it with a tough letter like Q,Z,V, or any letter you need to get rid of, but just use a blank to get lots of points not just a little word like at, an,et, etc.

~When you have an S, do not use it for words like as, is, so, etc.  Use it to make a big word worth a lot of points plural and you get the value of the word plus the S.

~If you do two words at once you get two times the points.  Just leave a space open to connect the two words then fill that in last with the connecting letter for the two words.

~Use triple and double word scores. Also use double letter scores.  Depending on which space you can get twice the score of the letter or word.  Word scores are red and letters, blue.

~If you put out a letter that doesn't make a word then there is a yellow meter on it flowing down and once it is all the way down you lose 10 points.  If you put out another letter then the yellow meter restarts.

~In the top right of the game screen there is a time meter.  It starts at one minute and winds down. When you make a word it goes up.  The more points the word the higher the time goes up.
~The game ends two ways.  One, if one plyer finishes all of their letters.  The other way is if the time runs out.  Whoever has more points at that point wins.

~Use prefixes and suffixes such as adding ED to the end or RE to the front of a word.  For example you have the word Jump, ad ED to the end and have jumped, and get the words value plus the prefix or suffixes value.

~In the top right of the game screen it says how many letters are left.  If there are few letters left then use your letters quick so you get those letters because they could be really good!!!

~Blank tiles can be any letter.  They can also be two letters at one time.  So, you could have the word time and the E is the blank.  You can do another word off of that and use the blank as an A or any other letter.  Blanks can represent two letters at one time.