Genealogy Pictures Of Ida Word and family
By Diann Payne

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John Butler
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John Butler
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Ida and Logan Lisenby
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Logan Lisenby and Vester Thrasher
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Logan Lisenby's Headstone
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Ida Word Butler Lisenby's Grave
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Logan and Ida's Marriage Certificate

Logan and Ida are buried in Butler cemetary, not to far from James and Mary Jane Word. I went there and photographed the gravestones when I visited last July/August. I visited again in August Septemeber 2003. Ida's gravestone is still just a stone, with no words on it. But my relatives took me there and pointed it out to me. Alfred Lisenby, Logan's father, died in Guntersville. We think the cemetary might have been covered when the dam was built there. I have quite a bit of the info on the Lisenbys, especially about Alfred Lisenby's father, Charles. He fought in the war of 1812 and when he died, his wife applied for a war widow's pension.

This picture below is of Ida, Logan and their grandaughter Beatrice Weems in 1931

Information about Beulah,Lula and Vester Thrasher , The girls are the children of Ida Word and her first husband John Butler. Beulah married Vester Thrasher. When she died years later, Lula and Vester married.

Melissa Lisenby and Dora Whitt Children Of Ida Word

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