Word Thrasher Genealogy
By Diann Payne

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Vester and Beulah Thrasher
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Vester Thrasher's Store
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Beulah Thrasher and Inez
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Vester Thrasher's Headstone
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Thrasher Family
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Bulah Mae Thrasher Headstone
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Beulah,Lula and Vester Thrasher The girls are the children of Ida Word and her first husband John Butler. Beulah married Vester Thrasher. When she died years later, Lula and Vester married.

Inez Thrasher Taylor's Headstone

Lorene Thrasher, daughter of Vester and Beulah

Information about Ida Word Butler Lisenby, Child of James and Mary Word

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Melissa Lisenby and Dora Whitt Clidren Of Ida Word