"Revival on the Internet"
Leading to Christ

Before you and I . . .
was God and the Creation of HIS Spiritual World of Angels .

An age of time where the light above the darkness
was forever as the HOST OF GOD'S Creation ,
worshipped and gave praises to HIM .
Time that was pure with goodness and joy
filled with songs of love and praise .

Then an incident happened that one thought he
was better than all that was created , even his Creator .

Pride to control , even if it meant allowing evil in pretending good , deceiving angels that trusted him , rebelling GOD .

Even we , created in time as Body and Spirit, are
separate from Angels and GOD .
Live in time that has no beginning , or end ,
once we're in time , there is no way out . . .
death will not end it , we just pass into
another dimension , visible to us .

Knowing in my spirit that all Creation made by the
HANDS AND WORD of GOD were made good .

Then time , as it passes by , brings events within itself ,
that events change affecting even the creation,
no matter if all is going well at the present time ,
from the spirits in bodies of evil people .

Updated 10/21/97

Why does this have to be?
It doesn't and we will find out why. . . . . . .

In the age of time , before man , the angels created were all good .

They are intelligent spirits like their GOD , helping the creation with
only the ability they were given .

Many angels it seems , were led from GOD by an annointed Cherub angel whose name is known as Lucifer . Intelligent and bright in beauty ,

he was able to change the creation .

Lucifer , accusing and deceiving man before GOD ,
was able with the falling away of man through
woman , to accomplish his seeking as the Cherub
made his throne as god of this world .

Created Man , now finding himself in rebellion as his
titled father the Devil , taking himself with woman ,
was sent from the presence of God to seek and find
his way from all corruption to the beauty
of Man and woman that was in God .

Then I thought in my spirit ,
"Why didn't GOD destroy HIS created angels
that turned from all that was good"?


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