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At a loss for words?

Good thing you came here, then. 

Great  copy is what I do.  I've done it for the most demanding clients (see those little buttons on the left?) and for the biggest ad agencies, like Ogilvy & Mather, J. Walter Thompson, and McCann-Erickson.

Direct Response, B2B. B2C, Branding, Corporate Communications, Catalogs, Collateral, Web Content, long copy or a few succinct words... for clients from high-tech to health care... whatever it takes to sell your service or product, I can write it. (Not many copywriters have written a sales brochure for ghosts and vampires.)

And when words just aren't enough, I'll work with you or your graphic designers and marketing team to create campaigns that make sense and make money -- for your business or for your clients.

You'll get top-quality work, the kind that's won awards from the NY Art Directors Show, the Ad Club of NY, the Clios, and the New England DMA's "Best Technique: Copywriting" award. So....  want to read some copy? 

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(Resume on request)