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Hello there, and thanks for dropping in to my page; 'tis nice of you to visit.

Hmmm ... where to start? Let's see. I'm guessing that, like most of the people who arrive here, you already know me in one way or another. Therefore the usual autobiographical palaver seems a bit pointless. So let's get straight to the creamy centre: these pages contain my blog/journal/whatever you like to call it, as promised to various people before I left Australia in 2005 to spend a year teaching English in Russia. In other words, I basically started it to record my travel and other experiences in whatever odd corners of the world I may end up in.

By all means drop me a line if you'd like to be added to the list of those who are informed when I post new entries here. And btw, I love guest book messages, so feel entirely free to enhance my day-to-day life by telling me what you think of my rants ... especially if you have a different perspective on something I've written about. Scroll down to the bottom of this page, where you'll find a link to the guest book, and add your name to the prestigious list of guests.

I'm currently living in Tallinn, the beautiful seaside capital of Estonia. It's kind of a strange situation; I sort of moved here 'by accident', in that I was on my way elsewhere but got held up by visa problems and couldn't continue. So now here I am in one of my favourite cities, but almost penniless and facing the challenges of 'settling in'. Koroche: It's turning out to be an interesting couple of months.

So, read on if that sounds ... well, if it sounds like it might be worth reading about :-)


2009 (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Estonia and Finland)

18.08.09: there's that word again ...

16.08.09: baltic trivia lord meets caffeine killer

24.07.09: hello and goodbye

16.07.09: phase one complete

13.07.09: and the award goes to ...

12.07.09: crawling towards motherhood (samarkand part 2)

11.07.09: digressions on the square (samarkand part 1)

09.07.09: pan-fried cultural learnings

07.07.09: khan you believe it?

30.05.09: hands off my stock!


2008 (Kazakhstan, Budapest, Slovenia, Finland & The Baltics)

30.12.08: kilts, crocs and coal smoke

12.12.08: chile nado

11.08.08: closed in (a.k.a. a cool kind of ugly)

05.07.08: closing in ...

08.06.08: light sources

24.03.08: transit therapy #5 (going peripheral)

14.02.08: transit therapy #4 (towards the beloved)

12.02.08: transit therapy #3 (the twilight lounge)

11.02.08: transit therapy #2 (timely reminders & killer headware)

20.01.08: transit therapy #1 (tedious exposition)

2007 (New Zealand, South Korea & Kazakhstan)

22.11.2007: the slow reveal

24.10.2007: that snow, burning sensation

2.10.2007: how to tell you're back in the real world

25.09.2007: crossed (like a peninsula)

21.09.2007: crossed (like a book)

20.09.2007: tiny fun in a huge metropolis

19.09.2007: day one syndrome

20.03.2007: don't worry - everything's okay (except the rice)

21.02.07: extreme weather guy

10.02.07: road trippin' to the black, black water

22.01.07: saving akira

16.01.07: been and gone ...

2006 (Russia, Finland & Estonia)

22.06.06: the heart of the experience

30.04.06: stories from the city, stories from the kleenika (part two)

4.04.06: stories from the city, stories from the kleenika (part one)

20.02.06: "a land of eeks and baars"

15.02.06: mythical parrots, whimsical clocks

14.02.06: my wintry valentine

12.02.06: back on the edge ...

5.02.06: rolling northwest

4.02.06: cold snap

15.01.06: wishful unthinking

8.01.06: breadlosers

2005 (Japan & Russia)

11.12.05: the deliberate tourist

4.12.05: three down and "doing both"

29.10.05: eight-year-old dilemmas, part two

27.10.05: and now, let's cross live to our weather desk for a short update ...

19.10.05: a beautiful day (awaiting the freeze)

10.10.05: eight-year-old dilemmas, part one

1.10.05: and a special welcome to our foreign guests ...

24.9.05: mystery of the metro babushkas

13.9.05: seeking out the little things ...

4.9.05: culture and customs (the word nerd takes a hammering)

1.9.05: autumnal shades (a single day in moscow)

30.8.05: the best thing about my new flat

29.8.05: welcome(-ish)

28.8.05: sayonara, you mad marvel ...

27.8.05: almost Zenned

25.8.05: day one - boy meets world, ponders happiness, gets rained on

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