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Christian Sites of India
Antantulla Appam Ministries - crusades, rehabilitation centre, Bible college, audio, video & publications
Beliefnet on Christianity - Bible teachings, church search, Catholicism, Jesus, quizzes, Lent, etc.
Bethel Prayer House - testimonies, prayer songs in Tamil, free matrimonials and more
Beven's Page On Jesus - personal page dedicated to Jesus Christ
Bible Society of India - engaged in the translation and distribution of the Bible in India
Brothers of the Sacred Heart - indigenous religious congregation running educational centres, homes etc.
Children's Bible - site has the Holy Bible simplified for children to understand with meanings
Christ Church of India - this website is maintained to spread the gospel of our Lord.
Christian Media Centre - engaged in spreading Christianity in India
Christian Songs - contains Christian songs in real player format
Christianity - faiths & practices, festivals, sects, holy places, literature
Church Of South India - union of anglican, methodist, congregational and reformed
Church of South India - Diocese of Madras - history, Christianity, Bible readings, schools, youth work, counselling etc
Church of South India - Anglican, Methodist, Congregational, Presbyterian & Reformed church union
Church of South India - information about CSI churches in India
Curtis Ministries - international Christian ministry offering distance bible training in India.
Dalit Christians of India - site exposes the great amount of discrimination and injustice.
Diocese of Delhi - grouping of Christian churches, schools, colleges etc.
Diocese of Kanjirapally - website of Diocese of Kanjirapally
Diocese of Kumbakonam - includes information on pastor, social work, schools, and more.
Divine Retreat Centre, Muringoor Potta. - ministry preaching faith in Lord Jesus
Divine Retreat Centre - history, programs, articles & publications of the prayer centre
Emmanuel 2000 - Asian Catholic online information on saints, The Vatican, Dioceses
Eternity Online - Evangelical/charismatic bible teaching e-zine
Evangelical Relief Agency - Christian relief agency for education, feeding and evangelism
Evangelisation 2000 - message of thanksgiving to God
First Church of God - Malayali pentecostal church
Global Wide Web 4 Christ - christian resource for prayer requests, devotions and Bible study.
Gospel Outreach Ministries - engaged in spreading Christianity in India
I am Not of This World - christian site with bible study etc.
In Search of Peace - online weekly Christian magazine
India Gospel League - evangelism, child care, youth work, theological training, cancer treatment
India Gospel Network - community center for christians providing web directory, discussion board
India Ministries - directory of Indian churches, ministries, Christian organisations etc.
India Pentecostal Chruch - about our chruch in Oklahoma city. - provides christian links, bible study, audio sermons, jesus film & more
Indian Christianity - site on the religion, services & culture of Christians
Indian Orthodox Church - Indian Orthox Church history since 52 AD, the year St.Thomas established Christianity in Kerala,India.
Indian Pentecostal Church, Houston - a Christian religious and charitable organisation in Houston, Texas
Indo-Canadian Community Church - to meet the needs the Indo-Canadians of British Columbia, Canada
Infant Jesus Shrine - about the church, services, prayer meetings and more
International Christian Praise and Worship Music - albums by Abey & Swapna in praise of Jesus and worhip with psalms
International Church Of God - a going church for the coming Lord.
Internet Accessed Ministries - provides message of God's love and grace in various languages
Intl. Bible Society of South Asia
Jeevan Darshan Kendra - diocesan center for Bible studies and other courses.
Jesus 2000 India - includes FAQs in regards to conversion in India, Christianity, and more
Jesus Calls - search the Bible, audio & video of songs, prayer request and more
Jesus Calls - divine healing, online prayers, counselling etc.
Jesus India - Jesus India Christian Hindi songs and songs for Christmas
Jesus Redeems - a charitable Christian mission
Jesus Youth Online - Jesus Youth presence on the Internet
Joshua Generation - teaching people the word of God
Kerala Buy - features psalms form the holy Bible sung by anointed worshippers
Kottayam Diocese - web site of the Knayana Catholic community with music & matrimonials
Malankara Church - page of the malayalee orthodox christians.
Malankara Orthodox Church of India - information on church founded in Kerala, India, by St. Thomas the Apostle.
Maranatha Ministries of India
Maranatha Voice - a free magazine on Christianity with a special Malayalam section.
Marsleeva Church - site has information on the church history, Novena, location, members etc.
Mid India Christian Mission
Native Missionary Movement of India - one of the fastest growing Christian missionary organisations
New Jerusalem Church - Tamil Christianity site
New Life Assembly of God Church
New Testament Church Mission - christian organisation and church in Vikas Puri.
Nur Alam Ministry - Christian charitable organisation, preaching the Gospel
One Two Three Christians - site celebrates Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving Halloween & other festivals - information on the San Jose shrine in South India, business directory, etc.
Pentecostal Church of God in India - a site for the preaching of the Gospel
Pope John Paul - biography, mission, travel, Catholics, humanity, Vatican, photo gallery etc
Pope Visits India - photogallery, webcast, how Popes are chosen, Pope John Paul II, Asian Synod
Prayer Tower Online - prayer services & material, humanitarian & educational services
Reaching Asians International - Christian missionary organisation
SAIACS - a theological training institution in Bangalore
SBT India - Indian evangelical organisation for Christians
Society Of St. Paul - a Catholic Religious Congregation of priests and brothers.
St. Francis Church - church located in fort Cochin, curently owned by the Church of South India
St. Mary's Church, Parel - site offers info on the church history, Holy Mass, Sunday school, etc.
St. Mary's Church - Marthomariam church at Manarcad
St. Paul's Mission of India - charitable Christian organisation in Eranakulam
Syro Malankara Catholic Church - Holy Mass, matrimonials, articles, Syro-Malankara community directory, etc.
Tabor Divine Retreat Ashram - site offers online Bible, prayers, songs, Rosary, photo gallery & articles.
The Church of North India - a part of the only Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church
The Covenant People - Christian missionary group with live divine praises etc.
The Examiner - articles, matrimonials, news for Catholics
The Novel - Jesus of India - Maury Lee's favorite books, various links, press releases, news etc.
The Synod - church of south India
The Syro-Malankara Catholicate Church - about the church
Voice of Wilderness Ministries - listen to Hindi and English real audio messages


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