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" A new commandment I give unto you , that ye love one another : even as I have loved you ,that ye also love one another , that ye are my disciples ,if ye love one another " John 13:34 , 35

At the time of Jesus , there were three words in the Greek language for the "love". The three words are :



and 3. AGAPE

EROS : The word 'eros' was the word most frequently used by the people living in the New Testament times .JESUS NEVER USED IT . THE APOSTLES NEVER USED IT . Why? This word was used when speaking of the goddess Venus and the Grove of Daphne and was polluted by its usage on pagan gods and their sex orgies .

PHILEO :The word 'phileo' is found in the New Testament and was used by the Lord Jesus and the disciples . Its meaning is "to be fond of ". In John 21 Jesus asked Peter "Simon , Simon ,do you love (agape) Me more than all these things?" Peter answered ," Thou knowest that I love(phileo) Thee" meaning ,"Thou knowest that I am fond of Thee " But the word Lord Jesus used in questioning Peter was not 'phileo', 'Peter lovest thou Me ?"was the word 'agape'.

AGAPE: The Lord Jesus had brought a new kind of 'love' into the world. A love that seeketh not her own . Paul used it in his poem I Cor. 13 this new 'agape '. At the time of Jesus the word for Love in Greek 'Eros' and 'Phileo' were popular but the third word 'agape' was not in use . 'Eros' has failed , 'Phileo' has failed but 'agape' never fails . because 'agape' has its center on God . God never fails . His love never fails . 'He first loved us' .



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