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" Without Faith it is impossible to please God "(Hebrews 11 :6)

How important faith is, We may learn from the frequency of reference to it in the Bible . In the Old Testament the Hebrew word occurs about 47 times and in the New Testament , the Greek word 250 times. The Apostle John alone used the word "believe" 80 times in the Gospel.

What is faith?

  1. Faith is not hope. Faith is not mere expectation of future things. Faith is a present reality. Faith is present receiving of that which is promised. Faith is present receiving of that which is promised. Faith is ACCEPTING not EXPECTING.
  2. Faith is not sight. Faith deals with things not seen. Faith is the evidence of God's word.
  3. Faith recognizes in every case an act of creation from nothing. It believes in God who can make all things out of Himself.
  4. Faith is not a strange and far away thing. It is the confidence in the Invisible.
  5. Faith is indispensable to please God. Satan's question, "Hath God said? " was the foundation of all sin. "God hath said" is the foundation of our restoration with God. Only when we believe His word we will love and obey Him.

"Have Faith in God"


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