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January 27   at Carol's house
Theme: European food or Food you would travel far for
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Jan 2008
Feeding Frenzy
Known World by Edward P. Jones
I love it when publishers send me free books! If you get a chance to read 'Virgin of Small plains' by Nancy Pickard, do it! Good story that I couldn't put down!
Thanks Random House!
Quite a gap between meetings-- but a welcome chance to read Other Stuff, too!
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Read it and release it!
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Ballantine Books Reader's Circle
From my buddy Jim:
Stop You're killing me
GREAT mystery site, if you track authors of mysteries...
Bookmarks Magazine
Reading Group Choices
Bookbrowser.com-- another resource for those busy bookclubbers
Guide to other book clubs, via online, email and chat (last updated May 2002)
"You've come a long way, baby":
"Good manners in clubs are the sames as good manners elsewhere--only more so. A club is for the pleasure and convenience of many; it is never intended as the stage setting of the 'star'  or 'clown' or 'monologist'. There is no place where  a person has greater need of restraint and consideration for the reserves of others than in a club. In every club there is a reading-room or a  library where conversation is not allowed; there are books and easy chairs and good light for reading both by day and night; and, it is one of the unbreakable rules not to speak to anyone who is reading-- or writing."
        --Emily Post  Clubs and Club Etiquette 
Etiquette. (1922)
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