"For what is your Life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away."
From what is still the most accurate biological statement of all time: The Bible.
"the epistle of James: Chapter 4 verse 14."
It was recorded some 6 millenia ago that the Creator spoke to Humanity saying
"In the beginning was the Word".

In that same era it was also recorded that the Creator spoke to Humanity saying
"If you eat from the tree of Knowledge you will die".

Once again the Creator spoke to Humanity 2 millenia ago saying
"Man shall not live by bread alone but by every Word which proceedeth out of the mouth of God".

He also told us 2 millenia ago that
"The Kingdom of God is NOT in biuldings of wood and stone. Split a piece of wood and I am there. Lift up a stone and you will find Me".

As recently as 3 centuries ago, our Maker spoke to us again saying
"For every Action there is an Equal and Opposite Reaction".

The Creator is again speaking to us in the present time saying
"There is a new Word for the "Word" and it is called DNA".

The Creator is also speaking to us in the present in terms of the "particle / wave" philosophy.
The Science of Creation.
Thus it was
"in the beginning was the DNA".

Thus his "Words" of 2 millenia ago also say to us
"Man shall not live by bread alone but by the Entire DNA.

Thus by succumbing to Intellectual Specialisation we are depriving ourselves of essential food and depriving ourselves of Life.

The DNA is Information. Information is Words. Words are Knowledge. Knowledge is Intellect.
is a process of striving to prove that Human can live on fractions of the DNA.

It is a process of striving to create Drugs and Therapies designed to instruct our Genome that we only wish to Experience Specified Portions of the DNA.

This is the process of enforcing
Intellectual Specialisation.

This is also the process of instructing our Genome to disconnect us from other sectors of the DNA.

Hence under the process of Civilisation, Humanity is compelled into cycles of
In Ancient Times
the Word Science simply meant Knowledge.
Thus Science is also the "Word" and is of "God".
But it is only a fraction of God and we must not become trapped within it or we shall deprive our selves of Vital Food.
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!!!>      Let us consider the Physiological Structure of a Word. It is the transmission
of a Vibration, a Frequency, a Wave.

!!!>          This is a very precise statement relating Intellectual Expression with
Human Health or Wellbeing.

!!!>          Here we perceive a very explicit instruction relating to the division of the Words of Creation into
Specialised Segments.
We must ingest
EVERY word of God.

!!!>      Here we are presented with a very clear portrait about the Words of Creation,
the Vibration, the Frequency,
being everywhere.

!!!>      Here we are once again presented with a caution about dividing the Words of Creation, which is
Knowledge and Intellect, into
abbreviated or specialised sectors

!!!>      The Process of Science is not a Process of Discovery.
It is merely a Process of Identifying
and Recognising the Words of our

!!!>       Here again we are being presented with a portrait of the physiological expression
of the Words of God.
Creation is not something which occurred "X" number of thousand-million-or billion years ago, and was then left to Evolution.
Creation is a present-perpetual- and eternal occurrance.
That which we perceive as the evolution of Humanity is much more a progression of inhibiting or restricting Creation.
Some science faculties have noted that the evolution of Human Being appears to be a reduction in DNA, or a downforce on the Genome.
This is much more the case.
What Civilisation and perceived evolution strives to do is create Sub Species.

It should be the Choice of every Individual how they allow that creation to be manifested within their respective lives.
No Authority, regardless of origin, has the right to deprive any individual of their God given right to expeience all of Creation.
Science will never record all that is contained within the DNA, whilst ever that process is contained within Specialised Faculties.
The Greater DNA can only be accessed through the Subconscious Mind of Human Being.
The Process of Dividing the Words of our Creator into Specialised Faculties is the Process of disconnecting Human Being from their Subconscious Mind.
Hence the creation of Specialised Faculties to identify and record the DNA will only ever define those Words which fall within their sector of specialisation.
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God is also speaking to us in the present time again through the faculty of Science saying
"Creativity promotes Mutation - Mutation promotes Creativity".
This is yet another assembly of God's Words which once again restates the instruction of creation about Specializing in Abbreviated Portions of God's Words.
Intellectual Oppression: