"AGFAC - Greece" is a non-profit NGO who organizes short-term voluntary projects (workcamps) in Greece all over the year

Volunteers - from all over the world - have already taken part in one or more international workcamps and helped the local communities in different areas, like environmental protection or construction projects.

- We believe that the participation in an international workcamp, except from the objective aim (:to help local communities), gives the opportunity to each participant to understand himself as a part of the global community. Living and working with people of different cultures and educational backgrounds is an valuable experience for a young person, aged 18-26 years old.

- In a world, who is getting more and more globalized, people will avoid fanatism, extremism and racism only if they obtain a broader view of the world. Workcamps offer this possibility more than travelling in an other country as simple tourist.

- A lot of our volunteers created long-term friendships and others went forward by making relationships and some of them families.

- Each year, a lot of them, organize meetings in different places in Europe where they have the opportunity to see each other, to exchange photos, to remember the beautiful time they passed in Greece. Some of them, come back in Greece as tourists, they visit the local communities where their workcamp took place and they feel proud for their participation.

- We are proud for our volunteers and their contribution in helping local communities to face various problems.