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"Volume One"
Worker -  was a socialist hardcore punk band from San Francisco, California.  Musical Influences include:  DC Hardcore from the early / mid 80's  (Scream, Void, G.I., Minor Threat, Faith, etc) and other bands like Agnostic  Front, Negative Approach, Black Flag as well as many others.  Politically we  drew our influences from revolutionaries such as Karl Marx, Frederick Engels,  V.I. Lenin, Leon Trotsky and Che Guevara to name a few.  Worker began in the dark days of 1995.    We lived the good life until 2001 - with a few valiant attempts afterwards that came to naught.  All that's left is memories and some CD's - email if you want to check us out!                                                                                                                                               El Stevo Augusto 2006
Oh yeah, and I'd like to
throw support out to Worker
Todd, doing 30 years in the
Federal Pen for bank robbery.

Todd - in 1996
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Marky Mark
Workers of yesteryear:           
Vocals: Steve
Guitar: Steve, John V., John B., Brian
Bass:   Craig, Steve, Todd, Brian, Marky Mark, Salim
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