Operate an Internet Franchise
Keep 90% of the profits!
We'll cut straight to the chase:
First of all, this is an entirely new and different concept. This is a Community Portal. If you think of it as a cross between Yahoo, the Yellow Pages and Amazon.com, youíre getting close. It is extremely flexible, customizable, and you as the site operator define the look and content. You don't waste your time trying to sell to individual businesses, you deal with business groups. You gain hundreds of users and advertisers in a single stroke. You keep 90% of all generated revenue.
Here are a few of the main aspects of this business:
  1. Run this profitable business in your Area.
  2. Protected Territory.
  3. No prior experience required.
  4. No investment required.
  5. Operate this business Part Time or Full Time.
  6. Contact us and if your area is open you can be up and running within 2 to 3 weeks.
  7. We provide you with everything you need. You are in business for yourself, not by yourself. You become a partner with us in this business.We make our profits the same way you do... from the revenues the business generates in your area.
  8. The Community Portal will be in operation in over 400 cities and towns in the United States and Canada by year end 2004! Territories are exclusive so act soon to secure your area.
  9. Only one Representative for your area will be assigned.
  10. We have an operator's support group, made up of current owners all over North America, that share useful and helpful information to insure this business is successful for every partner. This direct access insures this business will begin generating revenues at the fastest pace possible.
  11. At the moment, Franchises are only available for the United States and Canada. However, International inquiries are welcome as we can help you customize this Franchise for your language and country.
  12. If you have a product you would like to have on featured on hundreds of Websites, contact us and we'll explain how you can place your products in our Marketplace at no cost to you!
  13. If you are a non-profit organization and want to learn how we can help you raise funds without you spending a dime, email us and we'll explain it all!

Want a business that will out produce your present income after the first year where you work for yourself? This is NOT a get rich quick scheme, MLM, or affiliate plan, but rather it is an excellent business with an excellent business plan that can secure your future for years to come.
This powerful service allows you to interact with business leaders to create a cooperative enterprise.  It takes very little of your time to run it.  You don't have to get out and sell anything because this service sells itself.   You keep 90% of the revenues for running the site.   We incur the costs for getting the site operational, hosting it, and training.   We take care of all the technical aspects of the site. But you control the content.
Read on...
  • You define and control the locations for your listings. As an administrator you can add, edit and delete location names to reflect your area.
  • You define the categories your listings are placed in. Each area is different, and will have different needs for which categories the listings are placed in. Also, each site operator is different and may have individual preferences for what kinds of listings to allow. For example, some site operators donít want to be bothered with ďPersonalsĒ. You donít have to have them now, if you donít want to. As an administrator you can add, edit and delete category names to reflect your area and preferences.
  • As an administrator you can logon as any user in your system. This allows you to easily remove objectionable content, or correct mistakes as a customer service.
  • You can backup your database as often as you like, and even download a copy to your own computer. In the event of a catastrophe, this will allow your site to be restored to the condition before the crash.
  • The Help and FAQ are stored in a database, which you as an administrator control. Users of your site can ask questions, and if you choose, you can answer the question and store your answer in the database so that future users will find their answers online.
  • Each listing can have a coupon associated with it. The coupons are generated by answering some questions on a form, testing the coupon, then saving it. Either you or your client may create the coupon. (Remember, you can logon as anyone you please, simply by clicking on that person or business name.) †The coupon also generates a barcode.
  • Restaurants can place their entire menus online, and edit them any time they please. They can change prices, add, edit and delete menu items, and also run specials using the coupon generator. The menu is automatically displayed as part of their listing.
  • Real estate listings are handled by a dedicated Web Application. Real estate agents or those selling their own houses can fill out the appropriate fields, upload pictures and place their contact information. Those shopping for a home can search by a variety of criteria including price and community features.
  • Cars and vehicles are listed by a companion application to the Real Estate Listings. This makes it easy to administer and easy for the user to understand.
  • Jobs and resumes can be posted by businesses and job seekers. Itís like a mini Monster.com!
  • Advertisements are placed using a world-class Ad Manager. You as the administrator can set up permanent or rotating advertisements. The price for these ads is similar to a newspaper; the closer the ad to the front page, the more it costs. Clients can login to the ad manager and view how many times their ad has been viewed and how many times itís been clicked on, with resolution clear down to the specific hour of the day. It also displays graphs of activity by the day, week or month.
  • The Community Portal comes complete with a customizable shopping cart, that we call the Marketplace. The idea is to get as many people as possible to sell their products through your website. Vendors can place their products for free. However, if an item sells, you take 5% off the top, and then pay the vendor who is responsible for fulfillment. The Marketplace automatically generates printable invoices, emails the vendor, you and the customer, calculates tax and shipping, and much more. In addition, we are rapidly forming affiliations with vendors that supply us with products which automatically become available to each member of the Franchise Network.
  • There is a tested business plan that works! Instead of relying on classified ads for income, we go straight to the source, where the money is, for our revenue.
  • Each Franchise is part of a larger Franchise network.
  • There is a mailing list for Franchisees only. Here existing Franchise owners communicate what works for them and what doesnít, share ideas and questions, and get to know each other. It has proven to be an invaluable resource, and makes each Franchise owner realize theyíre not alone.
  • We provide constant support and training. There is a support website for Franchise operators only with helpful links, tutorials, and downloads.
What's the next step?
Email us and request access to more information about the business and demonstration websites. Be sure to let us know what area you are interested in. If you are still interested after viewing the materials, we will setup an appointment and discuss this exciting opportunity with you personally.