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Working Dog Discussion Forum
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The Working Dog Forum is an open forum for Police K-9 handlers, trainers, and adminstrators who are members of the World Police and Military Canine Association to exchange ideas, and help eachother with problem solving.  We also welcome SAR teams. Since this is an open forum, there is no need to register, however, it would be good to post an introduction before posting other material.  Ads for dogs or equipment for sell by individuals or kennels are also welcome here as long as they are posted under the right subject. The forum is un-moderated unless there is a report of abuse of members, or unacceptable behavior.
Topics here are:
General Discussion
Patrol Dogs and Bitework
Tracking (Criminal and SAR)
Narcotic Detection
Explosive Detection
Accelerant Detection

Puppy Training and Imprinting
Breeding and Whelping Puppies
Helath Issues
Working Dogs and Working Dog Equipment For Sell or Wanted Ads


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