Lake Ray HubbardTuesday Night Tournament
Lake Ray Hubbard
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Joe Straight
Tournament Winners
Date : 8/3/2004
Total # of Teams : 5

1st Place : Frank Hutchenson / Tracy Nix
Total Weight : 5.79 lbs
# of fish : 2
Payout : $160

Date : 7/27/2004
Total # of Teams : 5

1st Place : Climer / Sabella
Total Weight : 8.87lbs
# of fish : 5
Payout : $160

Date : 7/20/2004
Total # of Teams : 7

1st Place : Chris Scheetz
Total Weight : 3.01 lbs
# of fish : 1
Payout : $180
Big Bass : 3.01 lbs
Payout : $60

Date : 6/22/2004
Total # of Teams : 15

1st Place : Frank / Britt
Total Weight : 12.62 lbs
# of fish : 5
Payout : $240

2nd Place : Craig Martin / Brannon McMillian
Total Weight : 9.39 lbs
# of fish : 4
Payout : $100

3rd Place : Tim / Mark
Total Weight : 8.99 lbs
# of fish : 3
Payout : $60

Big Bass : Fields / Fields
Total Weight : 4.03 lbs
Payout : $140

Date : 6/15/2004
Total # of Teams : 12

1st Place : Frank / Britt
Total Weight : 14.23 lbs
# of fish : 5
Payout : $220
Big Bass : 4.27 lbs
Payout : $110

2nd Place : Young / Swindel
Total Weight : 11.55 lbs
# of fish : 5
Payout : $110

Date : 6/1/2004
Total # of Teams : 12

1st Place : Chris Mitchell / Bill Stearns
Total Weight : 17.16 lbs
# of fish : 5
Payout : $215

2nd Place : Kevin / Lee
Total Weight : 13.80 lbs
# of fish : 5
Payout : $115
Big Bass : 5.10 lbs
Payout : $110

Offical Rules

These rules apply to all entrants of the Lake Ray Hubbard Tuesday Night  Tournaments. These rules must be obeyed at all times. Violation of these rules may result in disqualification, forfeiture of prize money, no-weight or probation. Protests must be received verbally within 2 minutes and followed-up in writing(signed) within 15 minutes of weigh-in deadline. Tournament director and/or committee decisions are final in all matters.

Alcoholic beverages and narcotics are not allowed in the possession of contestants at any time during tournament hours or before the tournament(4pm to 10pm). Firearms are not allowed in the possession of entrants or in tournament boats at any time during registration, tournament hours, or weigh-in, with the only exception to this rule being those contestants who are public law enforcement officials.

Courtesy, safe boating, sportsmanship and conservation must be observed at all times. A U.S. Coast Guard approved chest-type PFD must be on and fastened any time the combustion engine is running. All boats must have an emergency kill switch and the kill switch must be attached to the driver during operation of the combustion engine.

All state, federal, and local laws apply. Observance of no-wake zones is required. Fishing in designated "keep out", no access, or otherwise restricted areas are prohibited.

All boats must have fully equipped aerated live wells in good working order.
Live wells will be checked prior to the start of every tournament.

Only artificial baits may be used. Pork baits are permitted. Trolling with the combustion engine is not permitted. A tournament entrant may use only one rod and reel at any one time.  All fish must be caught in a legal and sporting manner during tournament hours from tournament waters.

Officials may be on the lake during the tournament hours for boat inspection and observation. Each contestant is required to cooperate with officials.
Liability insurance will be required to show proof of insurance is asked to do so.

Each team may weigh in five fish with a minimum of 14 inches in length. Fish will be measured on a flat board with mouth closed and tail compressed. A
dead fish penalty of .5 lb. will be deducted for each dead fish weighed in. Any team bringing in more than five fish to the scales will be disqualified. Any team weighing in a fish shorter than the 14 inch minimum will be assessed a 1 lb. penalty plus the loss of the short fish. Teams will keep no more than five fish in the live well at any time.

No fishing within 25 yards of a non-anchored tournament boat without that boat's permission. No fishing is allowed within 50 yards of another anchored or tied tournament boat with trolling motor out of the water, without the anchored boat's permission. No tube, bank or wade fishing is allowed. Contestants may not leave their boat to land a fish or maneuver the boat into a better fishing position. All fishing must be done from a previously inspected boat. Trailering to and from the weigh-in during tournament hours is not permitted, unless allowed by the tournament director.

Entry fee per boat is $40 plus a $5 onetime initiation fee per entrant.  No more than two persons allowed in each boat. All persons in the boat must be registered tournament entrants. Cash only entry fees will be accepted.

Check in time:
One team member must be in line with fish by 10pm(official time) or the team will not be permitted to weigh-in their fish and will result in a no-weight. In the events two or more teams tie, then the prize money will be split evenly.

By entering tournament, all entrants are subject to take a polygraph test at the discretion of tournament officials. Failure to take and/or pass such a test will result in disqualification. Any person who has failed a polygraph test in connection with any bass tournament for cheating is ineligible for the tournament.

Upon entering this tournament, contestants release the Lake Ray Hubbard Tuesday Evening Bass Tournaments, its officials, volunteers, sponsors, and any hosting marina from liability as the result of accidents, losses, or thefts. Contestants are responsible for knowing and understanding these rules.

Every effort should be made to return all live fish back to the lake as quickly as possible after weigh-in.

If entrant(s) are ever disqualified from a Lake Ray Hubbard Tuesday Night Tournament, those entrant(s) will no longer be able to participate in the Lake Ray Hubbard Tuesday Night Tournaments.
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