Got questions about writing fan fiction? Well, we've got answers. Lots and lots of answers. Here at Working Stiffs we celebrate the different approaches that each writer takes towards the craft of constructing, editing and promoting their stories. We want writers and readers who visit this site to realize that everyone is an expert in their own work, and that a diversity of opinion and experience is something to be applauded.

Fanfic authors write for love, not money–love for the characters, love for the show, love for just plain writing. But that love alone doesn't guarantee you positive feedback, brilliant ideas or satisfaction in your stories. Remember, the only way to fail at writing in any genre is to stop learning! We want you to care about what you create, and strive to make each story more compelling than the last.

We hope that the articles here will inspire you to look more closely at your own work and the work you beta read.

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Here at Working Stiffs, we recognize that a Web site like this is only as good as the people who contribute to it. We encourage all fanfic authors to pitch articles to us, and we look forward to hearing what everyone has to share. E-mail us your idea for an article of at least 500 words. Don't be afraid to just say, "Look, this is how I write. It may not work for everyone, but it works for me." If you'd like to explore a topic that other authors have already written on, go ahead! The whole point of Working Stiffs is to show how different writers approach the same peaks and pitfalls in writing. Write about something you feel you do well, or that excites you as a writer. We guarantee your enthusiasm and insight will shine through. Remember, you're the expert.

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