Intermediate Grammar & Writing
Writing in English is an important personal and professional skill in today's world

Do you keep written records in English,  write reports, lists, or instructions in English? Do you write and respond to faxes,  e-mail, or formal correspondence in English?

Improve your skills in writing letters, memos, reports, and other basic written forms.

Writing for specific purposes involves reporting, explaining, promoting, clarifying, inspiring, and persuading. To this end, you will learn the importance of getting your facts rights, of revising for correctness, clarity, and concision, and of always keeping your audience foremost in your mind.
to a  new  EFI  writing and grammar course for Intermediate level ESL students.  Coursework  emphasizes practical writing applications, basic grammar, and English sentence patterns.
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After you have completed the writing assignment below, I will send you a grammar assessment test. When you complete both assessments, writing and grammar, you will receivve your first lesson.

You cannot join this class until you have completed the writing assignment below

If you are not used to writing formal  letters in English, don't panic.  I want to know how much you know about writing a basic letter, including the essential parts.
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Questions to ask yourself:
1. How is writing diferent from seaking? What is the diference between formal and informal writing?

2. What kind of writing in English do you do  most often?

3. Why is correct writing and usage important ?

4. How do  you write differently for different audiences and in different situations?

5. How important is vocabulary?

6. Why can't you wiite the same way you do in chat rooms, text messaging, and informal e-mail"

7. Why is reading important for good writing?
Write me a letter in correct business format telling me about  1) what kind of writing you do in English,  3) to or for whom do you write (what is your audience), and 3) why you want to improve your workplace writing skills. 

Be concise but specific when you describe what kind of writing you do and what your goals are.

Need help formatting your letter? Look up
Business Correspondenceat  "Online Technical Writing"  on the web. This site will be one of our basic texts for much of the work. in this course