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Western Australian Government Tramways No 22 ( Preserved )
Pic Ashley Bruce
Pic John Rossman
AEC Trolleybus Shanghi ( China )
George Town Municipal Transport RSJ Trolleybus
Photo Ric Francis
Ex London C1  GTMT  Penang Malaysia
Pic Ric Francis
Full History of Perth System    Recorded         
More information required on  Shanghi System
Full History of Trams & trolleybuse recorded in " Journey Down Memory Lane" a Book by Ric Francis
WAGT No 36 Leyland Canton( Preserved)
Pic Ric Francis
    Web Master Ric Francis Email
Sydney AEC No 19 Preserved at Sydney tramway Museum
Colombo( Sri Lanka ) Ceylon
This Site is to gather information on Little Known Trolleybus systems of this area.
Team: D Jones New Zealand Colin Ganley UK & Ric Francis Australia
Auckland Trolleybus Nos 113 & 127
Chrischurch Trolleybus No 210
Dunedin Trolleybus No 79
WAGT No41 Sunbeam
Pic Ric Francis
AEC Trolleybus Shanghi P.O.
Pic John Rossman
New Plymouth Trolleybus No
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Wellington Trolleybus No 90
Sydney Q AEC Trolleybus
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Sydney No 12 at outer Terminus
Rangoon Sunbeam Trolleybus
Adelaide Leyland Trolleybus
Shanghi AEC No309
CTB No 59
Western Australian Trams