World of Darkness

Question and Answer page

This page is being written to allow people who don't understand what the World of Darkness (WoD for short) is to come to understand it, and to allow those who do understand and play it, to have a page to direct others to, and a page to perhaps settle a few disputes over rules. I've set it up in question and answer format, so that people who are impatient can get right to the heart of what's bugging them, and gain a hopefully satisfactory answer fast.

Each of the questions below links to a new page, where the answers to the question can be found.

Warning - this page is still under construction. I'm putting more information up as fast as I can, but I like to role-play too - so I'm not going to cripple myself with carpal tunnel syndrome trying to get this done up. I started this on the first of November, 2002. Keep checking back - it'll be getting updated and changed daily for the first couple of weeks.

Annual checkup! I'm going through and tidying things up a little bit, deleting outdated and updating. Remarkably little of it to do, all in all. "what is dice" got the greatest overhaul, and "how to do dice" was linked in with everything else.

February 21, 2003 - improved the navigation set up in the page
November 7th/8th - added two new pages, tweaked the appearance of the pages to make them look better.


What is the World of Darkness?

What is not  WoD?

Why can't I play my freeform Ayenee role playing characters here? Isn't this Ayenee?

Why isn't my vamp/"furry"/slayer/elf/wizard/whatever character accepted here? You've got character types like that in your list of rules - I just want to play!

Why did I get yelled at for entering? All I did was put out my intro!

What's dice, and how do you use it - and why?

New Dice 101 - the details of what amount of dice to roll, and what all the pretty numbers mean

This page sucks! Who the hell are you that's writing this, and how dare you tell me how to role play? (for freeform Ayenee role players)

This page sucks! Who the hell are you that's writing this, and how dare you tell me how to role play? (for WoD players)